Best Music Production DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation)

Steinberg Cubase

Cubase has been around in music production since a very long time. It is a very popular DAW for Instrument Recording, Audio Recording and Plug-in Effects. It is a multi-track DAW and is very efficient in audio handling capabilities. Its workflow consists of a track window with multiple tracks layered over each other horizontally, a mixer and effects rack on the right. It has some exclusive features like the 8 band EQ, called Frequency. You can export stems of your project in this DAW which becomes handy for the artists in some situations. It allows group mixes buses.

You can try Cubase for yourself. Steinberg provides a 30 Day trial use for Cubase. It is available to buy as a three level of purchase – Cubase Elements ( EUD 99 ), Cubase Artist ( EUD 309 ) and Cubase Pro ( EUD 559 ).

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