How to Google Search Like a Pro

Search by Image feature

Google images

It is most irritating when you want to search for someone whose picture you have but don’t know the name of that thing, or person. Or if you visited another nation, whose native language you don’t know and don’t have any guide who can help you to know what that landmark is? Then the guide is in your pocket. Here are my two searches about my Favorite artist and an Auditorium of our University. See What is served on my table.

Searchin Parmish Verma Search Image 1 resultSearch Image 2Search image 2 Result

Note: Be aware what picture you put in the search because your waiter has a brain too. That is you should be aware of what picture you put, whatever you put in the picture search is stored in Google Database. Don’t put your personal pictures that ultimately leads to you in a problem, because Google might store the information regarding picture and if someone tried to search the content that matches with your picture, can put your information in front of that person.

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