How to Create Stickers Application for Whatsapp

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WhatsApp has recently released their most awaited stickers feature. You may have seen many sticker apps with lots of creative stickers and wished to create your own. Well, you can easily create your own app with up to 300 stickers in under 10 minutes and publish it like any other app on Google Play Store whatsapp stickers ios or WhatsApp stickers android. Also, users can download and install your app & will be able to send those within WhatsApp. and all this a simple way with minimal development or coding experience required. Sounds interesting right. Let’s learn about Stickers application for WhatsApp now.

So let us see How to create Stickers Application for Whatsapp in Android Studio below.

So firstly you have to clone official Whatsapp Sticker Github repository.

You must have a set of stickers, but stickers must meet these requirements.

  • Each sticker must 512×512 pixels with a transparent background.
  • The sticker must be less than 100 KB.
  • Sticker pack must have a minimum of 3 stickers and a maximum of 30 stickers.
  • Stickers must be in the WebP format. Currently, animated WebP or animated stickers are not supported.
  • Sticker Picker/Tray Icon should be 96 x 96 pixels & Max file size of 50KB.

Repository link for Stickers Application for Whatsapp

Converting Images to WebP

  • Android Studio allows you to convert PNGs to WebP. Simply create a new project in Android Studio, open your PNG and right-click on the image and select convert to WebP.

Create own Stickers Application for Whatsapp in Android Studio

  • Download or clone this repository and export their android folder into Android Studio.
  • You Must change the package name to something unique.
  • The Assets folder already have a sticker pack i.e “1”.
  • If you’d like to have more than 1 sticker pack in your app, simply create a folder named “2” or “3”, etc. within the assets folder and place your art and tray icon in there.
  • Modify contents.json & replace the values of the metadata with your own like name, identifier, publisher, android_play_store_link, ios_app_store_link, emoji.

Or you can watch this Youtube video tutorial below.



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