Google, India's Reliance to develop entry-level smartphone

Google, India’s Reliance to develop entry-level smartphone

After the indo-china clash, there has been a cnfusion among indian users of what to buy and what not to buy. There are some indians brand though but not that much high end phones they have built, and some are just rebranding chinese phones. At this time Google coming up and investing in Jio is like a golder opportunity for both the companies, as it will increase the reach of google more in india as well, Jios business expansion and reach to world.

It will be a treat to all mobile phone lovers to see, a phone built by indian brand, in india by indian manufacturing unit, and it will be used by not just indian people, but all over world. Let see what comes ahead.
Google and India’s Reliance conglomerate will jointly develop an entry-level smartphone aimed at providing fast internet access to the country’s 1.3 billion people, the Silicon Valley giant said Wednesday.The two firms will also develop “an Android-based smartphone operating system”, Reliance’s owner, Mukesh Ambani, told shareholders at the company’s annual general meeting, adding: “India is at the doorstep of (the) 5G era.”Ambani earlier announced that Google had agreed to buy a $4.5-billion stake in Reliance’s digital unit Jio Platforms.

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