Global spending on AI ‘expected to double in four years’, says IDC

Global spending on AI ‘expected to double in four years’

Worldwide Global spending on AI or artificial Intelligence has doubled over the last years and it will hit $110 billion in 2024. Adopting AI becomes a “must” in the new businesses. Companies are using Ai in different ways. Starting with the customer experience ending with helping their own employees doing the job in a better way, AI is in the epicenter of everything. The sales process and recommendations are the main cases outlined by IDC.

AI is the technology that will help innovative companies to become even more outstanding with creative ways of doing everything. In other words, Leading organizations use AI to convert data information and insights.

The two industries that will gain the most things through AI are retail, banking, and entertainment. AI includes automated customer service agents, selling process help, threat prevention, and IT automation.
These four cases will represent a third of all AI spendings this year.

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About AI intelligence

This term includes many techniques such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, machine reasoning, and strong artificial intelligence. AI is described as an information system that is made up of a biological system to give computers human-like skills like learning, seeing, thinking, and hearing. AI has many cases almost in every industry, that’s why the investment in it is huge.

When we think about the future, Artificial intelligence is the most promising area for the next decade. This has the potential to represent every industry’s needs.

Most common use cases

1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Analytics
4. Customer service
5. Fintech
6. Healthtech
7. Entertainment
8. Data
9. Operations
10. Autonomous things

AI in Banking

The mass potential savings for the bank from AI is estimated at %447 billion by 2023 by the research of the business insider intelligence.
Nearly 80% of banks worldwide are aware of the benefits of AI. In fact, many banks even consider using 75% of AI in their systems. Certain AI use cases already gained respect across the world with chatbots in the front office and in payment scams. Also, customer experience is enabling 24\7 interactions and that doesn’t end with it.

The three main channels where banks are using AI is to save costs on conversational banking, anti-fraud, and underwriting. To leverage AI gives them a smooth customer identification and authentication, live voice assistant, deepen relationships, and personalized recommendations with insights.

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AI in entertainment is already popular. Smart algorithms will become up with the best ways to give people information and results they are looking for. For example, there are AI-driven online gambling markets where Ai is dealing with audience targeting and strategy generating. For example, to play online blackjack games the person identification is getting easier and safer. In the online gambling field, artificial intelligence creates effective customer solutions. One can use it in their personal preferences.

Another good example is that Netflix has announced its idea of AI choosing personal video recommendations to provide better results in the search system.

There is another platform that aims to improve user interaction with their digital content. IRIS TV is offering matches based on users’ preferences on their previous choices.

AI in Retail

Artificial intelligence has become a key element in the digitalization of in-store retail. This technique allows us to have a personalized customer experience. In this era, it’s vital to create an interaction that will engage in business or brand. For retail companies, this is the opportunity to fill the gap between physical sales and virtual channels.

It goes without saying that digitally connected retail destinations can sustain competitiveness over time. It’s becoming harder and harder to be as creative and eye-catching as people are expecting the brand to be. So, different times need different ways of thinking and analyzing.
Also, id doesn’t matter if the retail is small or big. Every business can benefit from using AI in its functions.

AI-equipped technology soon will be everywhere in the retail industry. Many experiences will be shaped by data crunching and AI.

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