Serey Blockchain and Trading contest on Coinsbit in 2022

Today we are going to discuss a crypto project that is there in competition for a long time but slowly growing in terms of users as well development. This project is a fork of a popular project Steem blockchain that was built around 2016 and had a Dapp launched. From then on many chains forked the original Steem code to create their own chains. Popular chains like Hive, Serey, and Blurt are the ones people use a lot nowadays. Of the same chains, we are going to discuss Serey.

Serey Platform image
Serey Platform

Serey Introduction

Serey is a next-generation blockchain based social media platform with an ecosystem of frontier decentralized applications (dApps) of Web 3.0. Serey dApps are censorship-resistant due to their utilization of the Serey blockchain. Serey is different from the original Steem because of the different functionality and dApps they provide along with the ownership.

They have various dApps like Serey Poker, Marketplace, Football, and more serving content in specific categories. The rewards are given in a ratio of 75:25 where the curators get 25% and the authors get 75% as the voting rewards. One main difference from the other platforms is the disabled ability to self-vote where the users keep voting themselves and never interact with the community. This ensures community grows with each other support. As the Serey platform is closed source, the bots can not function ensuring only whitelisted devs and services run on the platform.

Serey Exchanges

Serey is available on different exchanges and people can trade as per their choice of exchanges. Each exchange has its own rules and prices and may be available only to a specific region. We have listed all exchanges below

  1. SouthXEchange BTC pair
  2. SouthXExchange USDT pair
  3. Pancakeswap
  4. Coinsbit

Serey Trading Contest on Coinsbit

Serey has been recently listed on the Coinsbit platform and to celebrate that Serey has started a new contest for promoting Serey Coin and the listing of SRY on Coinsbit. Anyone can participate in the competition. There are different rewards for the participants in the competition as follows

  • Nr 1: 15,000 SRY
  • Nr 2: 12,000 SRY
  • Nr 3: 8,000 SRY
  • Nr 4: 5,000 SRY
  • Nr 5: 3,000 SRY
  • Nr 6 – 10: 1000 SRY

Date of Competition

The date of competition will be from November 23rd until December 15th.

Rules of Competiton

Write an article about

  • What is the Serey Platform
  • Mention the Coinsbit Listing
  • Mention at least 2 of the following things:

 → The trading competition on Coinsbit

 → How anyone can start their own social media by purchasing 2M SRY coins

 → Why Serey could be the next big social media platform

 → If you think Serey could become bigger than Hive or Steemit

 → Serey airdrop for Hive and Blurt users. (

– Post it on at least 3 of the following platforms: Steemit, Hive, Blurt, Medium, or Publish0x.
– Include the following tags: #blockchain #serey #sry #bitcoin #ethereum #socialmedia
#cryptocurrency #crypto #hive #steemit

Max words 800 and Min Words 200.

More details, as well as entry, need to be done via the Google form Link

We hope you all reading the article will participate in the contest.

Build your own Social Media Bonus

Build your own social media serey blockchain
Build Your Own Social Media

As we told you before, Serey is a social media. Being a social media tool, they also allow others to have their own customized social media which is decentralized and with all the benefits of the crypto and the blockchain.

For this, you need to buy up to 2 Million tokens on any exchange and power up your Serey account. After that, you need to talk with the team. Then the team will gather all the requirements and help you create your own social media where you only have control.

You can get everything customized from the logo, domain, colors, and more. For more customization other than this, you can ask the team. You can control what categories users can post, and what users can be in your social media, blocking bad influencers or promoting good posts by pinning in your own community.

Thanks for reading the article. We hope you will use Serey now. Feel free to share and let us know your views in the comments below. Stay connected for more updates.

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