Top features of Honor Magic Vs that will amaze you

Here, we are again with the latest smartphone of the Honor Magic series. People are intrigued by the variety of Honor smartphones globally. To stay up with the rest of the world’s updated technology, Honor has developed such a smartphone. Honor’s latest foldable phone was released by the end of 2022. And the smartphone quickly gained popularity. HONOR Magic Vs is the smartphone with the latest OS and Android 12/13 in both variants. The battery timing also complements the features of the smartphone.

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Detailed specifications:

  • Weight:

The light weight of the smartphone catches a lot of attention. Comfort matters a lot. The two variations weigh 267g/261g. You can hold a smartphone all day long without making your hands tired.

  • Bright Display:

The colorful display is made possible using 1B colors on the OLED display. You’ll like the brilliant screen provided by the 90 Hz refresh rate that smooths the touch. Magic Vs has a resolution of 1984×2272 pixels.

  • Body:

The body measures 160.3 x 141.5 x 6.1 mm. The hinge is made of glass, using some alloy to vanish the complexes of geared hinges. You’ll also love the 7.9 ” display. The ratio of the screen to the body is 10:3:9. 6.45 for the other variants with a resolution of 1080x2560px.

  • Foldable Mechanism:

The Honor smartphone’s newest model includes a folding mechanism. You will love the gearless hinge. This was made possible by using superalloys. They are additionally unlikely to add weight to the smartphone. Honor Magic Vs has come with many advancements and improvements. The smartphone has the most intriguing features of the Magic series.

  • Camera module:

Then there’s the camera. The 54 Megapixel telephoto camera will deliver an amazing experience. A 50-megapixel camera is also integrated. The selfie camera works with 16-megapixel cameras. The good thing is that you have two selfie cameras of 16 MP quality. The video quality is also so cool with 4K.

  • Software:

Notable aspects include software. Snapdragon 8 and Android 12 and 13 upgrade the software. The two models differ in terms of the OS and the 4500/5000 mAh battery. The Magic Vs’ Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Processor is a considerable leap over the Magic V’s chipset. The Android 13-based Magic UI was created in the weeks between the original worldwide release. Therefore it is the software up to date.

  • Other accessories:

A few accessories are included with the smartphone. Extras included a 66W converter and a lead to supplement the smartphone’s charging capacity. The bundle also includes a cover for the phone’s back, which is the sole spot that does not have a display. The crackle-and-pop design stays on without using a sticky sheet, but the sticker adds extra hold strength.

Final Words:

We have, however, detailed the characteristics of HONOR Magic Vs smartphone. The most popular devices are generally those that fold up. The smartphone’s camera module, battery, and overall look are all charming. Also, the memory space and RAM properly complement the smartphone’s operations.

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