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      Whatever you learned through your college life, isn't enough to work well in Industry. You must be aware of various technologies and tools that are being used in the Industry. The top trending tools which are currently being used in industry, The Proper Guidance to work with these tools will be posted soon, Here you will find only resources regarding these Technologies
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    • 2 months ago

       Emma Kennedy

    • General Discussion
      This is General Discussion Forum.Anyone can share and post general content here like links, queries or any suggestions.
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       Balvinder Singh

    • Git & GitHub


      This Forum has been created to solve any query facing while understanding any post of GIT & GitHub. You can post, your any query regarding Git here. Moreover, you can Post Solutions of the Query posted by other User. The more you ask questions the more you will learn, the more you answer the question the more you will be close to others.
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    • Open Source
      Since Many Friends having problems in choosing right open source technology and how and where to proceed for working properly in that technology. You can discuss, post issues and solutions here.  
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    • Tech Queries
      This forum is for any doubts any queries related to technology like web languages, gadgets , software and more.
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