Unsexy Startups disrupting Trillion Dollar Industries

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Legal marijuana sales totaled $6.7B in 2016 and grew to $10B a year later. There are nearly 1,000 marijuana startups on AngelList, with an average valuation of $4.1M (if you take out high flying Eaze and Baker) but only 100 job opportunities open today. 🍁

Meanwhile, Flexport’s long list of open positions is comparable to the entire cannabis industry on AngelList put together. 📈

The five-year-old startup is innovating in the trillion-dollar freight forwarding industry, facilitating complex logistical networks of trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes all over the world on land, sea, and in the air.

Until recently, this was being done through a series of faxes, emails, and Excel spreadsheets before Flexport came along and indexed all the available carriers into a searchable database, offering free easy to use software that handles everything at scale.

In 2016, TechCrunch’s Josh Constine called Flexport “The unsexiest trillion-dollar startup” – referring to the vastness of the opportunity that’s ahead. For context: the global logistics industry is $8 trillion and expanding, and the opportunity to innovate has never been greater.

Below are some of the “unsexy” startups that are building software for trillion dollar industries that are ripe for innovation. Check out the full-list on AngelList,

“Unsexy” Startups Disrupting Trillion Dollar Industries:

  • Fieldwire is bringing software to the construction industry 🚧
  • Checkr is automating background checks for on-demand 🚙
  • Sighten is the energy operating system for the solar industry ☀️
  • Shippo is the API layer for the shipping industry 📦
  • Human Dx is a worldwide effort to improve patient care 🙏
  • True Accord is using machine learning to reimagine debt collection 💲
  • Affirm is a credit company that doesn’t try to put you into debt 💳
  • Qumulo lets enterprises store massive data sets at scale 🗄
  • HomeLight is bringing a money-ball approach to real estate 🏠
  • Transfix is disrupting trucking logistics with lean automation 🚛
  • Haven is automating logistics (Flexport’s closest startup competitor) 🚢
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Source :  Angel.co


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