Type Studio Editor a new editor

Type Studio Editor a new editor changing the way how editing works

Type Studio Editor a new editor changing the way how editing works with awesome features everyone would love

What is Type Studio Editor?

Type Studio Editor Features Preview
Type Studio Editor Features Preview

Type Studio is a text-based video editor that allows you to edit your video by just editing the transcribed text. You don’t need any video editing skills. It’s as easy as editing Google Docs. In addition, you can add subtitles to your video with only one click. Type Studio transcribes your video into text.
To cut or trim your video all you gotta do is select the part of the text you would like to cut and press the delete key.

Type Studio Editor panel displaying text edit capability
Type Studio Editor panel displaying text edit capability

Type Studio Editor Features available

Type Studio, a text-based video editor that allows you to easily edit your content-focused videos.

The Type Studio started with the frustration of lack in video editing of features for today! A typical video editing experience is counterintuitive when compared to everything within the modern conventions of UI design and functionality. There are so many buttons, dials, knobs, settings, and keyboard shortcuts to remember, that learning how it all works becomes in and of itself an exercise in patience and resolve. For content-focused video editing, you don’t need most of the features offered by most editing software, and the barrier to entry is very steep — you have to own a machine capable of running these programs and know-how all of the functions work.

Type Studio Editor Showing how to add a headline
Type Studio Editor Showing how to add a headline
  • Add Subtitles Automatically by writing your own
  • Automatic Translation to your custom language
  • Annotate your Video by adding headlines to specific video parts
  • Video to Article
  • Add text overlays to mark text or information
  • Repurpose Video Content to make it more informational
Type Studio Editor a new editor changing the way how editing works 1
Type Studio Editor Transcript

How Type Studio Editor Stand apart from existing solutions available

Existing video editor solutions also providing editing text and annotations but it’s a little complex as you need to add text frame by frame, maintain positions, and more. As for a nonprofessional, adding the same is hard to learn. Like if someone just wants to add/edit text, they need to go through multiple tutorials. But type studio has simplified adding text, subtitles, and annotations that too with language support. Another difference is the web availability means you do not need a high-end machine to install and run this. You can access it easily by just opening your web browser and start editing. It is as simple as opening a social media and editing your status update.

With Type Studio you don’t edit your video in a timeline like a classic video editor. It is all text-based! This allows you to edit a video without having any prior editing skills. It’s as easy as using Google Docs.

Type Studio explained in three simple steps:

Step 1: Load your video into Type Studio. We transcribe your spoken words into text.

Step 2: Edit the video by easily editing the text.

Step 3: When you are done and everything fits together, we do all the heavy lifting and render your video in the cloud.

Type Script Studio
Type Script Studio

As the text is also transcribed anyway, you can automatically add subtitles with just one click. If the speech recognition is not 100% accurate, you can easily correct the text in the editor interface.

Being students ourselves, we know that not everybody is able to pay for every software they use, which is why our goal is always to offer a fully functional free version (without watermarks and all that crap). At the same time, we have to keep the lights on and that’s why we’ve decided to add a monthly upload limit. If you don’t have a video of your own available to edit right now, they have put together a sample video in the editor for anyone to use. Go and check it out!

How it helps the content Creators like Youtubers and Gamers

Like me or let say newcomers who are camera shy, or do not want to give their voices. Those who gave voices but make some mistakes in between or miss something, sometimes can not record the video again.

So, for all these, Type Studio is one solution that simply helps

  • fixing wrong words
  • Adding headings to game videos
  • generating a transcript, which you can use to write and share as a blog
  • transcript as subtitles for uploading captions to video
  • saves your hours of recording and creating videos again

Final Words

So, we mentioned all the cool features of Type Studio and how amazing it is. I am sure, you all must be willing to use this as soon as possible. So, i will not stop you, just go and try the app for yourself. Feel free to share your views in the comments below about what you think.Also, feel free to share, what you would love to do with this or where you would use this.

Thanks for reading, and please do share as sharing is caring. Keep visiting back for more updates coming.

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