Why use technology to learn Integration?

In calculus, the derivatives of a function to find a real-time solution are commonly used. The inverse of derivation is the integration and technology and the online Integral Calculator by calculatored is a great way to learn the integration. 

Derivation and integration are used in solving most problems in calculus. you can use an antiderivative calculator to find the results of various functions. It can be solved in steps, so you can understand the procedure of integration by integration calculator with steps. 

Just solve the integration by integration by parts calculator in various steps to make the whole procedure easy and fast. When you are solving the interaction in parts no matter how long the procedure is, it can solve the integral for you in parts. 

Integration and technology?

Integration and derivation are the most interesting techniques used in calculus. Once you are able to solve the question of the integration and the derivation you enjoy solving the question. You can use the technology in the shape of online tools like the Integral Calculator by the calculator-online.net to solve the various problems of the integration. 

It can be quite amazing to learn integration with the help of technology. When you are solving a question using an online tool, you also learn the whole methodology of the integration. You can remember the various formulas and the trigonometric ratio in the integration with the help of the technology.

Types of Integral:

We can use the integration by parts calculator for the graphical solution of the integration of functions. You need to understand integration tools are simple to use and perfect for the integration of all types of functions.

The two major types of the integral are:

  • The Definite Integral 
  • The Indefinite integral 

Definite integral:

If an integral has a lower and upper limit it represents an area under the curve f(x) for x=a to x=b, the definite integral is: 



 f(b) = the upper limit of the integration and

 f(a) = the lower limit of the integration

Indefinite integral:

There are no upper and lower limits in the indefinite integral as there is no concept of the boundaries in the indefinite integral

can be re[resetned as follows:


The answer to the indefinite integral is:



“C” =  arbitrary constant value, 

Considering the need to find the indefinite integral of a function given, then we can write it as follows:

                           indefinite integral = x3dx

                                 x3dx = 14×4+c

The indefinite integral calculator is used to solve an indefinite integral as the technology has made the integration a simple process to understand.

How to calculate a definite integral?

To evaluate the definite integral, consider the lower and the upper limits are 2 and 3, we are going to solve it step by step: 

                             f(x)= 23y3dy

  • Graphically, the area under the curve f(x)= y3 between y=2, and y=3.
  • In the first step, the integral of the function f(x)=y3, put the values of the lower and the upper limits in the integral.
  • computing the integral:


  • The upper and lower limits y =2, and y=3

                344- 244=654

How to find an indefinite integral?

To evaluate the indefinite integral, there is no lower and upper limit as it is an indefinite integral, solve the indefinite integral by the online calculator.

                                       f(x)= y3dy

  • the area under the curve f(x)=y3of indefinite area.
  • find the integral of the function  f(x)=y3Now when computing the integral:


  • Where “C” is a constant and used in the definite 

Integration of the trigonometric ratios:

In the integration, you need to understand the trigonometric ratios, to remember the basic conversions of the trigonometric ratios. The integral conversion by an integral calculator is also represented

To remember the basic formula of trigonometry:

  • tanx =SinxCosx
  • secx= 1Cosx
  • cotx= 1tanx=CosxSinx
  • cscx= 1Sinx

trigonometry and others involved in the integration process, for doing integration, need familiarity with them. Otherwise, you can’t understand the definite and indefinite integration of the trigonometric functions. Even if you are using the integral calculator. The trigonometric ratio is the core of the invitation and without remembering them it is impossible to do the integration process. So it is quite crucial to learn the trigonometric ratio to convert and solve the integration questions.


Integration is not a difficult thing at all if you learn the basics. The technology has made the integration just too simple for the users. You can remember the various questions with the assistance of the online tool. Once you can learn the basics of the integration, you actually enjoy solving the questions.

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