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Hi everyone, if you have reached here because of reviews, you have reached the right place. Getting Genuine Android App reviews nowadays is very difficult. Especially, when you have just launched a new app, for your business or some website or just a game. Let be any app, users will only download and use if they see other people using that. So let see Why and How of Android App Reviews.

What Are Android App Reviews

Android App Reviews are like a metric for a common person to make sure if the app is useful or not. it helps the customer to make a decision of downloading the app on their phone, sign up, and do Use. The reviews are posted on the Official Android App page for the app. Let say facebook, A social media app here is a screenshot below that shows the reviews commented by the users of the app.

FB App Reviews Tekraze

In the reviews, users can mention what features they like, what they don’t like. They can ask for new features or suggest something which can improve the performance of the app. It helps both users as app developers. Users can make a decision of using the app, and devs can optimize the app based on user feedback.

Why Android App Reviews

As we mentioned earlier in the above part, It is metric for knowing if the app is performing well. But for each user, it has a different use. So let us see, what are they.

Customer/App User

  • To predict if the app is useful
  • To know if the app is popular
  • To get to know some features of the app, he may expect by user reviews.
  • getting to know each other’s problems, they are having. Like some common problems
  • They can tell the issue they facing by adding a review
  • They can suggest other users by their feedback.
  • They can easily communicate with the app owner using this.
  • Play store can offer a better list for new apps to users, based on reviews so they get better ranking apps.

App Developer/ App Owner

  • Getting the feedback from the app users
  • Making their app popular
  • getting more downloads of the app
  • Getting more business with the app
  • More Popularity among the people with their content from apps
  • They can reach out to users giving feedback and resolve their issues
  • Getting new ideas for improvement in-app from users suggestions
  • They get testers in the form of users, so testing is achieved on a large scale and they get to know more bugs if any.

How to get Android App Reviews

Getting Android App Reviews has become difficult nowadays, as there are many apps on the play store serving a common feature. Some commonly used apps are like android launchers, giving almost similar features, just with different designs. You can get Android App Reviews from two sources.

Free Android App Reviews

  • By asking your users to do comment, if you have many using.
  • If you are new ask bloggers, influencers to share the app, and get reviews from their followers. Giving some free services in return
  • Giving them some coupons for giving reviews
  • affiliate promotions and more

Paid Android App Reviews

  • By paying companies
  • by paying influencers
  • by giving cash in exchange of reviews
  • by offering paid content
  • By using promotional websites.

This was all of Android App Reviews, of How What, and Why. You may have been clear of things


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Thanks for reading, do share and let us know in the comments below. Do checking back for more updates and posts like this. Stay Reading.

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