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Brave Browser Be Brave to say no to ads and secure privacy

Brave Browser Be Brave to say no to ads and secure privacy check below

Hi all, today I will be sharing with you all about a new browser in town(Not new, but for you still new) Brave Browser. Brave Browser is a new browser that pays you for securing your privacy and browse with an ads-free experience and it pays you back with an attention token named BAT. Read below on how it works.

How Brave Pays you BAT

BAT is short for Basic attention token which is actually a cryptocurrency for your attention. Attention means your time spent browsing content on a brave browser. Any site you browse on brave is ad-free and all trackers get blocked. You earn BAT which you can exchange in cryptocurrency sites or wallets. These BAT tokens stay in your Brave dashboard for a month and paid out every time next month near the 5th of each month.

Brave Browser Be Brave to say no to ads and secure privacy 1
Brave Access Token

Note: Head over here to read more about BAT

But How Brave earns to pay you back

As brave promise ad free experience, so native ads do not work. So, to make revenue Brave allow advertisers to show ads in form of dismissable notifications. You can either dismiss notification or click on ad to view. The ads are mostly from trusted vendors and their partners like VPNs, Gala games etc.

How brave Browser Basic Attention Token Works for Content Creators
Flow of how Basic Attention Token works for Content Creators

Supporting Content Creators to help earn

So, content creators wither on youtube or personal blogs, depends on ads to earn most of the time. But as ads not work on the brave browser. Content creators can not earn. So, to help them Brave has a content creator programme which basically allows them to list their blogs, youtube, github account to earn.

Now how listing can help to earn ? Basically people visit and tip you on brave browser. There is an option to either fund wallet from your card or bank. or you can even pay from your earned BAT. You can schedule tips based on percentage automatically to content creators. Or you can manually do send tips to content creators to when and whoever you want to support.

Benefits of Brave Browser

Adfree Experience

Brave browser blocks all banner ads from provider like google and more.

Privacy and Trackers

It blocks all trackers and scripts from accessing your data to save your privacy

Brave Browser blocked trackers for privacy
Brave Browser Blocked Trackers

Tips to Content Creators

An ecosystem where people can tip to their content creators and content creators can earn from the real fans

Brave Tokens in form of Basic Access Token

We can earn brave tokens which we can transfer to uphold wallet. When I started using the BAT token its value was around 10 INR, but yesterday I checked it was around 78 INR. So, hurry up.

Value of Basic Access Token data from digitalcoin on 27 march 2021
Value of Basic Attention Token data from DigitalCoin on 27 march 2021

Note: As of writing this blog, Brave Browser only supports payments using Uphold wallet

Chrome Like Experience

As it is based on chromium, it provides the same experience as the Chrome browser. You can even add extensions from Chrome like VPNs, keep docs, etc.


So, this was all for today i hope you liked this post and will use brave browser. We are using brave browser from long and we are also part of content creator program. You can view our site ad free on Brave and tip us with your BAT.

Feel free to mention your views and opinions in the comments below. Thanks for reading and please keep visiting back for more updates.

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