How Can Employers Help Employees Working From Home

When work from home first commenced upon us, we were so excited!

Now we get to sit in the comfort of our home and do everything!

Lounging on our couches, in our sweat with no care in our world. This is what we had an idea about when it comes to our work life.

Like a never needing vacation!

However, soon this never-ending vacation turned into something that nightmares are made of.

The biggest reason is doing the same thing again and again like we are in our never-ending hell!


Within six months, it was done!

Although things are getting normal now, there are still some offices which are yet to open.

Almost two years and some of us are still working under the work from the home norm, and we can understand.

It is getting frustrating!

There is nothing new to do for your entertainment. So, how about we start doing things for each other now!

Here is all that you need to know!

Why Should You Help Your Employees?

As an employer, no matter what the size of the business is, this is your family, and you should definitely think about their mental health as well.

Your employee productivity heavily depends on how you are able to make them happy.

Their job is not just to work for you. They must know that they are being appreciated and their work is valued.

When you are working from home, it is almost impossible to achieve that without taking a few initiatives.

Like having random breaks to just talk and connect, or everyone downloading free movies from The Pirate Bay and watching them together.

Yes, you have to see whether they are doing their work properly.

Or whether they are able to meet the deadlines.

However, being too rigid and making everything about the work won’t suffice. This is why in this excerpt below, we are bringing you some of the best things which can not only make your employee happy but appreciate you during this period of working from home.

Helping Your Employees While Working From Home

Here are some of the tricks which you can use to connect more with your employees and make them more excited about their work.

1. Virtual Events

No. we are not talking about the annual events which you do every year, and now they have just shifted online.

We are talking about events just catering to employee connections!

These could be great opportunities for employees to rekindle the connection with each other or even befriend new employees who have joined post-pandemic.

You can also send them small food coupons for the party!

2. Movie Nights

These are again something totally different than your normal workday activities, but with people cooped up in their house, they might need it!

These movie nights can be extremely helpful for employees trying to distress at the end of the day.

You can all have a friendly meeting where you decide which genre to pick.

Plus, you can all watch it for free!

However, if someone is not willing to join, do not force them; these activities should be absolutely voluntary.

3. Tasks with Rewards

Now coming back to the work part!

Yes, they are probably doing the same work, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make it enjoyable for them. Another great way to incentivize your remote team is by providing them with comprehensive global employee benefits.

Thus, talk to your HR, and find a reward system for a given completed task within important deadlines. This will definitely give them the zeal to work more!

4. Send them Lunches

We all have free lunch days in the office!

Admit it or not, this is something everyone misses during their work from home. Thus, you can take some extra measures and send them gift cards for their free lunches every month.

Surprise them, and they will really appreciate you!

5. Time Limit for Work

Have flexible timing for work!


Please get out of this toxic mentality that just because they are working from home and saving their commute time, they should work more.

Give them a time limit, and every person should log out within that time.

Remote Happy Working?

Remote working can be fun if the employee and employer remember that connection is important!

Working is not the only part of a company ecosystem.

Thus, fill the remote working with rewards, fun activities, and surprise lunches; the productivity will skyrocket.

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