Is Work From Home The Most Trending Thing Now and 9 Factors affecting?

First of all, hi to everyone and I believe everyone reading this, you are all safe at home, and be safe. We all know Corona Virus or COVID-19 has caused a lot to us, and like many people get affected by it, so praying for all,  who died, and for the survivors to get well soon.

This has disrupted work as well, so most of the companies are tackling this with something, we know as Work From Home. There is a lot of talk going around on the Work from home scene, some are like getting frustrated, some are making fun, and some enjoying it too. So let us talk about work from Home.

Work From Home

As the name says, Work + Home simply means the Work we do as usual in the office normally, We now do from Home. It is nothing like something special and not that bad too. It is just a way to get work done, anyhow, and like staying safe at home.

You must be thinking, why I am writing about work from home? So I tell you like, for the past 2 years and more, I am like working from Home. Being a developer, just the laptop + wifi combination works for me. And I tell you, nothing feels better than this. let me tell you in the post ahead.

Why Work From Home Trending

You must be thinking like, it is trending because of COVID-19, but no, it is very old work culture, started very long and like nearly all companies shifting to this. So like, it was being there, but now it has become a popular thing.

It was not popular, as only startups mostly practiced this, as they do not have funds for office, but they have a product. So startups prefer the software over the office, and like work from home culture.

Reasons Why Work From Home Culture came into Picture

1. Startups and Funding

Before talking about this, let’s talk about startups, as we all know startups are becoming popular with like needs and innovations in technology, cutting edge. So like, even one people or two or more are like coming up with an idea of something to build that can change how things work, or like how people used to do something with.

So the first issue everyone faces is funding, they like the idea but they do not have money to spend, because the product is just an idea in work and not implemented, and ready for market. So no product means no salary, no salary means no employees, and without employees, like no office.

This is why most startups like Software-Based and App-based startups, are coming up with the idea of working from home, to cut infrastructure costs as work can be done from anywhere initially.

2. Freelancing

a woman using a laptop doing freelancing work from home
Freelancing work from home – Photo by Anna Shvets on

Freelancing as we know, is also a form of working from home, not exactly. Freelancing came before this work from Home culture, and as you can say, it leads to working from Home. In freelancing, there was the freedom to like a person working with a client;

Without having any dedicated office, or physical interactions, by just use websites and apps for communications, and I also like payments without worrying. As the only work matters, both the client and the freelancer get satisfied. So, as we can say it is a good reason for work from home culture.

3. Traveling

woman looking at hot air balloons Travelling for work
Traveling for work – Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on

Yeah, the main thing that everyone ignores, yes, traveling. initially, this was an issue like most of the people do use to travel for long in the morning to the office, and like back in the evening. The company may be far or near, but traveling still has a cost. The cost comes in two forms, one is monetary and the other is time-based. 

When we do travel, time is spent, also like we need to pay for transportation. So like, this is one benefit to employees, as they do not need to spend either time or money.
Let us assume, a person travels 1 hour one way, and then back another hour. The cost maybe 20 on each side, so the total becomes 40 for 2 Hours of travel.
Multiplying it by let’s say 6, (keeping Sunday as Off) We have 40 * 6, and for a month, 40 * 6 * 4 (28 days) = 960, and the time  2 * 6 * 4 = 48 hrs = 2 days.
So like, without travel, you would have saved around 2 days and 960 units of money, is not it good, Yeah it’s good.

This is another benefit for startups, as employees work from home, and have no late coming problems or traffic problems to say to the company. Also for like employees, instead of traveling, he can spend additional time on something else productive.

Another benefit, not like for all (Only devs have this), is that you do not have to dress up daily, and worry about what to wear and what not to wear, you can just be comfortable in your trousers or whatever makes you feel comfortable at work.

4. Internet Cost and Bandwidth

The Internet is the most necessary thing, to have in a company. So like, employees can access, data from other sites, do email communications, live conferences, or like deployments over the server. Now everything requires the internet from sending mail, to like doing video call meetings. Providing better internet in the office is like a headache, as it needs to be fast and a lot of bandwidth, as all employees will be using.

So like setting up even a small office network infrastructure, it is not affordable for everyone. Even after having a network, employees may complain of low speed or connectivity issues. Whatever you increase there will always be bandwidth issues and also the cost.

But like working from home, everyone has their internet plans, they can choose freely. As companies only require work to be provided, to them, and not like which internet you used to work and share. So like the network cost is also cut, and fixing any issue in the network is like the employees himself concern and not as companies.

5. Productivity

We, humans, are all same, and like, we do meet people, make friends do have relationships. Like we may spend more time while tea time, with teammates. Do like gossip, with teammates even during work hours. So like there can be many distractions, (Not like having people around is bad, but it is fun, I am just highlighting one thing) which while working from home, we do not have.

We are only one working and focused on work instead of like distracted by something else. Other things can be like, wearing comfortable clothes, sitting in our place, where we feel comfortable, our productivity increases.

I have experienced this same as I used to work at the office and like at home both, but like I was more productive at home than at the office, and as the work was done was also more. In addition to promoting a comfortable work environment, providing equipment such as headsets for telecommunication can enhance overall productivity for remote workers.

6. Family Time and Health

According to some psychology, reports employees do have some mental and health issues, as they spend more time at work than at home. There may be a case of someone having issues at home, and not being able to like concentrate on work.

Also, there may be cases, like not getting enough leaves or having tight work schedules. Most people do not get quality time with their families. So like, being at home, you can do work without leaving the family at home to go office. Being at home, employees feel happy and good.

Fewer leaves were asked for as the employees, were already home. The work timelines can also be adjusted as if one has to go somewhere with family in the morning. he can do work at night or evening and vice versa. Employee benefits insurance is provided by companies too from even home in some companies.
Most people do work on a laptop only, so work can also be done when you are out somewhere with the family. So this has helped companies to have healthy as well as happy employees, making work from home culture a good thing.

7. Remote Locations and Hiring

This is also one factor, more for like employees than the company. Not all are lucky to get a job in their hometown or city, they need to go far away from cities or even countries to get a job. Also like companies, may not get sometimes good people at a location.
So like, with work from home, people can get jobs far away (remotely), and; also companies can hire talented people from any end of the world. I too work from India, for a US startup StaffBox.

8. Company Costs and Currencies

This one is beneficial for companies only, but for an employee, too. Like a company may need devs, a social media marketing team, or different types of work.

Even when talking about a Dev, let’s say a US startup can get people from India at a cheap rather than A US Dev, as the currency is different, there is like 1 $ for the US, which is around 70 INR for India. So companies can get employees, with fewer salaries easily and cut costs, also like increasing the workforce with the same budget.

9. Software and Apps

So like, in Companies where support is required, email communication is enough or like calling. There are virtual numbers, emails, and virtual SMS services, that people can use. Devs like tracking code with the use of Git, and designers like graphics and videos.

Most of the work is Digital and can be done from anywhere, just with a laptop or iPad, tablet in hand with a mobile internet connection.
Another thing like tracking employees can be done with camera monitoring apps, time trackers, and task tracking boards too.

Communication on Like Skype, Slack, and more. So everything can be done with the use of Software or Apps. This is another thing, which is making Work from Home easier. As shifting from physical to digital is easier, and even need.

The use of software also provides analytics, tracking, and records of how employees did the work and what happened which is like analyzing what employees do while sitting in an office.

Final Words

So like I have shared what is Work from home and like factors of how work from home culture came into the Picture. I am not saying like, it is best for everyone, but I shared what I experienced and feel is working at home (remotely). Let me know your thoughts, and suggestions that you feel in the comments below.

Also please do share, with others so like other people can also know about this.
Keep checking back I will be writing more, posts related to this like its benefits and Cons, as for now I just shared why this came into the picture. So I will update the link here once we are done.

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