7 Online PDF Tools That Help You Merge Files

7 Online PDF Tools That Help You Merge Files.

Merging multiple PDF files is a great way to increase your productivity. The process of merging multiple documents is simple, but there are several important considerations that you should keep in mind before proceeding with the merge.

The first thing to consider is the size and number of pages in each file. If you have multiple PDF files with varying numbers of pages and sizes, it’s best to merge them into one file so that you can work on all of them at once.

If you have only one PDF document, then it’s not as necessary to merge all of them into one document.

Merge multiple PDFs into one to save time, improve accuracy, and keep your files organized.

Merging multiple PDFs lets you combine several documents into one complete file.

You can use a reliable merge tool to combine information from different sources, such as scanned signatures and handwritten notes, or combine two versions of the same document.

There are many benefits to merging PDFs:

  • Save time by eliminating the need to extract data from each file
  • Improve accuracy by combining identical data from multiple sources
  • Keep your files organized by creating a single file with a consistent look and feel
  • Merging multiple PDF files can also reduce the size of the final document.
  • You will be able to save space on your hard drive and reduce the amount of time it takes to download or transfer documents.

There are many benefits to merging multiple PDFs into one document. Now that you have understood several advantages of combining files. Check out seven top-rated online tools you can count on to merge your PDFs.

1. Mergepdf.io

The online PDF merger is one of the most reliable online PDF tools you can use to tie your documents. Things that make it popular among people from different walks of life include simplicity and ease of use.

Merge PDF
Merge PDF

You must upload multiple PDFs in the assigned area, set their sequence (if required), and hit the Merge Files button. Soon the system will initiate the quick process of combining files.

Once ready, you can preview the consolidated file and then download it to your device.

You can share the output with anyone using WhatsApp, Email, and a direct URL. The tool is secure to use, even for sensitive data.

This is because it utilizes the latest encryption standards to ensure data safety.

2. Soda PDF

Many of you might not be familiar with this online PDF tool that allows you to merge files on the go. This is because people think of using other solutions, which might be more time-consuming.

Soda Pdf
Soda PDF

However, Soda PDF seems to know the undeniable importance of time for the current era’s human beings. That’s why they have developed a PDF merge solution that can consolidate several files within a few minutes.

Visit Soda PDF and select files that you would like to merge online. Once selected, adjust their order by using the drag and drop feature.

Once the order is in place, click merge files to get a unified version of several PDF files you uploaded.

3. I Love PDF

Like the rest of the online PDF combiners, I Love PDF is another reliable tool you can use online to merge PDFs. You will likely see more than a few features once you visit their website. However, ensure you don’t get upset with the plethora of tools.

You just have to serve your purpose of merging files using the Merge PDF feature.

I love pdf
I love PDF

Finding the right feature should not be a big problem because it is visible in the first place in the top menu. Click ‘Merge PDF’, and the website will take you to the page where you can upload and merge files within a few minutes.

You can also upload PDF documents from Google Drive and Dropbox. Alternatively, you can choose files from your Smartphone or computer.

Once you have successfully uploaded the documents, click the ‘Merge PDF’ button in the bottom right corner. By doing so, you will get a combined version of multiple PDF files without spending money.

4. Small PDF

The name might be small, but the tool takes off a large burden by converting dozens of PDF documents into one.

Just like the above tool, it also has several useful features for people who love playing around with their documents. You can use the feature that you need the most.

Small PDF
Small PDF

Small PDF offers a quick and easy solution for those wishing to merge files online. Upload files from different sources and transform them into a single file.

Users who don’t like using complicated tools can rely on Small PDF as it is designed using a simple layout for quick understanding and fast operations.

It offers a secure way to combine PDFs. One of the best things about Small PDF is that it doesn’t require registration. Without worrying about compatibility issues, you can access this tool from Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and other platforms.

5. Combine PDF

As the name suggests, combined PDF is meant to combine documents in PDF format. It doesn’t work with other file formats such as Word and Text.

If you have a plethora of PDF files that you find pretty hard to manage, then combining relevant files is what you are supposed to do.

Combine PDF
Combine PDF

Combine PDF is a free online tool that offers a quick and fast way to merge files. You can convert files of different sizes, and the tool should merge them quickly depending upon your internet connection’s speed.

The tool lets you take a quick look at the preview before you hit the download or share button. If you find anything that contradicts your expectations, click edit and make necessary changes before you merge files.

6. PDF Chef

PDF Chef is another trustworthy online tool to merge files on the go. It lets you combine as many PDFs as possible through a simple procedure. You click the ‘Choose Files’ button or simply drag and drop documents into the assigned area.

PDF chef
PDF chef

In the next step, you can rotate or delete documents according to your requirements. Once the system has processed your merge request, you can save and download the document.

This is how easily one can convert multiple PDF files into one for easy and quick access to information.

PDF Chef is a free tool, so you don’t have to worry about buying any monthly subscription. It is simple to use due to its distraction-free design.

It has a featured interface that allows you to make the most of your PDF documents. The tool is fast and secure since it gets things done in your browser. Nothing is downloaded to your device, which means you remain perfectly safe under all circumstances.

7. Online 2 PDF

 Merging PDF files using the online 2 PDF tool brings lots of benefits. It does not include registration, so you can combine files without wasting time completing the signup process.

This online tool can help you save time and effort by merging multiple PDF files.


It takes less time to read and proofread a document when you have merged it correctly. Combining multiple documents in one file allows you to read faster and edit more efficiently.

The file size gets smaller because you don’t have to keep track of all the pages in each individual document. As a result, sharing files becomes fast and easy.

Furthermore, you can easily update old versions with new content without reviewing the entire document.

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