Best 8 Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic for free in 2021

Whether you are a marketer or a business owner, your priority must be making sales, and that can only be obtained by getting more customers for the business. Continuing it further, you can achieve more customers when there is a large audience for your brand. And in this digital age, websites are representative of your brand, and hence, a medium to gather more audience.

If you paid attention to the pattern mentioned above, you would have noticed the benefit of gathering more audience. As websites are the face of the brands, you need website traffic to increase your sales eventually. There can be many ways you can use to get free traffic to your website or blog.

Ways of increasing website traffic

And now for the question – “How to increase website traffic?”  We have listed 8 great tips that will help you attain more website traffic for your convenience. So, without any further delays, let’s get into it.

1. Use the power of social media

Currently, there is no better tool of advertising than social media. Latest social media statistics show that there are more than 3.78 billion social media users, which means it is the best medium to fetch an audience.

While many businesses restrict themselves by occasionally posting on their social media accounts, unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t always help businesses to grow or doesn’t contribute much to website traffic. And hence one of the smartest techniques to use social media is by linking your website with your social media profiles.

Although, social media platform like Instagram does not allow you to paste any external link to the content. So, you can paste the link in the bio, and for other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you can paste the link with your content.

Using Twitter for promotion is one the best technique, as people usually like to read short and crisp content. Moreover, Twitter provides a lot of traction to the short content. Hence, you can talk about your product and share your website’s link.

2. Have a responsive website 

With such ease to the internet, people have started surfing it using their smartphones and tablets. And as per recent research, there are over 4.32 billion active mobile internet users. So, the days of people only using computers for their browsing are long gone. And hence you need to have a responsive website. It means your website should be compatible and adjustable to any device. 

And talking about responsiveness, do you remember, we discussed embedding social media feeds and using social media aggregator tools? Many tools provide responsive feeds, so you don’t have to worry if your visitor is using mobile, PC, or tablet, the charm of your feed remains the same.

3. Make sure your website is fast 

People feel irritated when they visit a slow website and often exit the window, increasing the bounce rate of that website. So why is reducing bounce rates bad? – because it reduces the search engine ranking and hampers the brand reputation and recognition. 

So make sure you correctly optimize your website, which includes faster loading pages, images, and videos. And if you are using social media aggregators for embedding, don’t worry about your feed, as many tools stream images, videos, and visual-based content without affecting the website’s speed.

4. Enhance websites by incorporating visual-based content

Visual-based content has always been the savior for marketers. Whether it is related to their advertising or promotion, they have never failed. And for reasons – firstly, they are vibrant, and secondly, they remain fresh in viewers’ minds.

 And you can bring that success to your website and try to add visual-based content like images and videos to your website, as it brings liveliness to your website and makes them appealing. And one simple technique is adding content from visual-based platforms (like Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) on your website by using social media aggregator tools.

5. Use email marketing

People often underestimate the importance of email marketing. However, it still has its relevance and attracts people to the website. Therefore, you can adapt the strategy of email blasts where you introduce your website to a large number of people by sending them website links through emails. But keep these two points in mind :

  • Don’t bombard people with emails.
  • Keep your message short and to the point.

6. Add Instagram feed on Website

Taking the cross-promotion marketing further, you can use social media in another way, and that is by embedding instagram feed on website

As discussed earlier, in this digital age, websites are representative of a brand, and hence it is important to create a good impression on the visitors.

Taking visitors’ perspectives, people usually avoid visiting a plain and dull website as they fail to enhance their browsing experience. Dull website here refers to websites with less or no charm, no visual-based content, and no vibrancy.

Instagram feed showing images of Instagram users
Instagram Feed Example

We all know social media has a vast horizon, and people use different mediums to express themselves. It can be visual or text. Visual involves images, videos, GIFs, etc., whereas text consists of blogs, testimonials, etc. Visual-based content always has the upper hand, and therefore Instagram has its fair share of popularity and by embedding Instagram feeds, you can enhance the liveliness of the website.

Although all social media platforms provide their users the facility to embed the contents by providing them with the link of every post that users can post on the backend of their website. But unfortunately, it has a lot of restrictions, and therefore we have social media aggregators in the market. 

Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help you to collect social media feeds from different platforms and display them on the website. In addition, it eases the embedding process and, provides various features like auto-updating feeds, customization, personalization, and more.

7. Advertise your website on comment sections

Now, this is where your website can really get some recognition, that is by advertising. There are various ways of doing it, and one of the smartest ways is, marketing your website in the comment sections of any industry-related blog. So keep yourself alert and wear your research hat to find all the blogs related to your business. 

8. Start Blogging

If you are researching industry-related blogs, don’t restrict yourself to just commenting on them. Instead, you can write blogs and provide your website link. Keep in mind that guest blogging isn’t dead, so make full use of it, provide thought-provoking articles and increase website recognition.  

Over to you

There is no denying the fact that websites help a business to attain recognition and increases brand reputation. So you need smart strategies that help you to increase your website traffic and eventually promote your business and assist you in attaining more sales.

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