How to install Java on Windows

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Follow Steps one by one we will guide you properly and in a better way on How to install Java.

1. Visit the Java website and download the JDK(Java Development Kit)

Navigate to You can download a simple Java Software Development Kit (JDK) installer for Windows, macOS, or Linux directly from Oracle.

2. Click the “Download” button beneath “JDK.

This will open a new page containing several download options.“Scroll to the latest version of Java SE Development Kit”. You should always use the latest stable version of the toolkit. There may be more than one version listed, so look closely at the release number. After that follow following steps

Click “Accept License Agreement.” Before you can click the download link, you must accept the license agreement. The option is just beneath the JDK version number.

3. Click the download link next to your operating system.

Once you click the link, follow the prompts to select a save location on your computer and start the download.

4.Click the download link next to your operating system. 

Once you click the link, follow the prompts to select a save location on your computer and start the download


Double-click the JDK installer file. Once you’ve downloaded the Java Software Development Kit installer, navigate to the download location you chose earlier to launch the installer.

After installing that successful you will close at last and give PATH to run your Java Programs.

5. Now Go to your System Property .

For open system property right click on My Computer or This Pc

After that go to system advance settings

6. After that go to Environment Variables

7. Double-click the “Path” variable under “System Variables.

Now you’ll add a new variable. Follow these instructions exactly, as there is no “undo” option.

Click “New” if you’re using Windows 10.

This step only applies to Windows 10:Type c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_xx\bin (but replace the “8.0_xx” part with the version number you installed).

Click the “Move Up” button until the path you typed appears as the top of the list.

Click “OK.”

8. Now open CMD(Command Prompt) by press Win+R and enter cmd in it.

Now type Javac hit enter and you will see some files come on your screen.



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