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                Hi all readers today i will be writing about Developer Terminology . As we know each profession has its own tools , same the programming has different terminology that developers use . Some are similar to normal language we speak , but have a completely different meaning in programming.

So let”s start with Terminology :

1. Compile

Compile is the process of analysing the code, collecting files and combining together , to process and build a executable file or program. Generally when we write the code and create multiple files we need to import code , link files that is done at the time of compile.

2. Function

Function can be said as a set of ordered instructions. The instructions can be of any type like printing a code, reading , writing or anything . Functions are used to create a functionality , that is used by calling that particular function. eg function ( arguments ) where function can be any name of function and arguments  are the values we pass of data needed to apply that function. Here is example

public int area (int x,int y) 


area = x * y;

return area ;


3. Argument

Argument you will be thinking as declining a statement against but in programming its different. Argument is a value that we supply during run time to a function like in above example we supply sides as 4,5 we will be returned by area(4*5) as 20 . Argument can be any string type, int type or more.

4. Method

Method are similar to function but generally we use methods for getting desired values to use in another functions . Like as in a social site we have a method that shows email of logged in user . We can simply use that method to search details by linked email of user . In many operations, let in search we use methods to get particular user wise data from a large database.

5. Library

Library is not the one having books and reading area. But library is a complete code package developed by open source developers or software companies that provides some functionalities to our program and reduce steps of writing the complete code to achieve a functionality. Like in JAVA there is a net package that helps to get details of ip , port and other network related details.

6. Inject / Injection

Injection is the process of injecting or simply say adding the code to a program during run time or compile time, mostly it is run time in modern languages such as Angular. Injection helps by saving time to add code to specific locations. Like as in Angular-cli we add scripts in a JSON file that are added during run time to project at head . This helps in keeping the code clean during development and add only when required.

7. Data

Data is for many , datum for single. It can be any thing from  a number, string or a code. Data/Datum is all we work on , we get data, save data, process and manipulate data. Infact everytime we create a software, run a software we are just playing with the data. Data is differently , available as different forms in different stages .

8. Meta Data

Meta Data is data about data. It contains additional data about anything , like for a user meta data can be cookies created, browsing time , location and more. It helps to analyse data patterns and flow.

9. Debug

Debug is the process of removing bug. Bug is a piece of code that is written to do something but it behaves differently . The bug can be run time or build time . Like we have set int 4 but we supply 4.0 it will fail. the both appear correct but one is int one is float. So bug can be detected using debugger whether a small or a large.

10. Import

import is simply adding files from different location to current file . Importing helps in keeping code simple by breaking code into different files that we can simply import to a main file to achieve the same thing as if we had written in a single file.


So that’s it for now , stay connected more will be coming in upcoming posts. Pls feel free to like , comment and share your views in comments so i can write more that you all need to learn. Share with your friends, family & relatives. Keep visiting , have a nice day.

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