Introduction to PHP

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Whether you want to be a professional web developer, or want to create some dynamic pages for yourself, or a community. The skill that you required after the basic understanding of HTML & CSS, is a scripting language. A scripting language is a special type of programming language that are not required to compile each time you do a modification in it, these languages are interpreted languages. Scripting languages are classified into two types:

Client Side Scripting Language:

A client-side scripting language is  special class of Scripting Languages that are downloaded to the client machine when he sends an HTTP requests to the server along with the content he requested for and executed on his machine as shown below.

The most popular Scripting Languages are Javascript, EcmaScript, and jQuery.  Since, Client-Swide Scripts are downloaded on client machine and then executed on machine, it means a person having lil knowledge  of how web works, can alter the script and breaks security parameters easily.

Server Side Scripting Language:

While Server Side scripting language are executed on the server machine. That is when a client sends a htttp request, the server recognize what the clients requests for and execute the script, and only sends the content as request.

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So provide a better security than client-side scripting language. A normal user can’t easily breaks in the secuurity parameters. But if you are pro. then nothing is impossible for you. So today we will start with the, most popular scripting language: PHP.


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