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When you hear the word “cloud,” words such as “strong” and “impregnable” don’t immediately leap to mind. This may be why some small businesses are reluctant to trust cloud servers with their extremely sensitive data. They may be afraid the technology will put them at risk. However, their wariness could cause them to miss out on the benefits of migrating their information. They might not experience the flexibility and lower overhead costs that come with cloud storage. They also may not realize that choosing cloud storage over additional on-site infrastructure can provide them with some serious advantages — as long as they understand the basics of cloud security for Business.

For example, being judicious about what is uploaded can be a key element of keeping data secure. Withholding certain company information and storing it where you can guarantee its safety can be crucial for protecting more vulnerable assets. It’s also always a good idea to insist upon two-factor authentication, such as adding biometrics on top of password protection. If your provider offers activity monitoring, it would be in your best interest to make use of that as well.

With more than four in 10 companies experiencing breaches of data stored on cloud servers, it’s essential to ensure the security of whatever information you entrust there. See the accompanying infographic for more tips you can use to safeguard your information in the cloud.


Cloud Security For Businesses from Column Information Security

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Katherine Palac is Director of Marketing at Column Information Security. Palac has focused on global B2B marketing and communications strategy for 20 years, primarily in the professional services, financial services, and technology spaces.
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