Facebook challenges YouTube with Licensed Music

Facebook challenges YouTube with licensed music videos

Facebook on Friday added licensed music videos to the social network in the US, challenging YouTube for the attention of online audiences.Facebook said users will be able to “come together” around official music videos, with the promise of premier content from J. Balvin, Karol G, Sebastian Yatra, and other artists.”With official music videos on Facebook, we’re creating new social experiences that are about more than just watching the video;” music business development vice president Tamara Hrivnak and entertainment vice president Vijaye Raji; said in an online post.

“We’ll continue working with our music partners; to build unique social experiences and bring music into the ways people connect and share.”

The Facebook “music experience” was already available in India and Thailand, but is making its US debut this weekend, according to Hrivnak and Raji.

The roster of US partners included Sony Music Group, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and BMG.

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