Trump to end Transaction with Tencent and Bytedance

Trump to end transactions with Tencent and Bytedance in 45 days

Trump to end transactions with Tencent and Bytedance

Tencent and Bytedance both are Chinese companies, and there has been for a long, Chinese companies are in talks, mainly bad talk. Their reputation has gone worse because of their data-stealing and sending to the servers in their country, compromising the security of their users around the world.

US President Donald Trump signed two executive orders late on Thursday vaguely banning transactions with the owners of Wechat and Tiktok starting in 45 days.

Why it matters: It is unclear whether the orders will effectively ban the Wechat and Tiktok apps themselves in the US, but they will certainly put an end on the potential sale of Tiktok to Microsoft, and threatens to disrupt Tencent’s gaming operations in the US….

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