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Hey friends, welcome back to developer series. Today I will be writing about Backend technologies. So you will be thinking what are backend technologies. Backend technologies are used to create server part of the client-server architecture. Backend part is the part where all server-side logic happens, data storage is done. Back-end technologies include PHP, Python, Java and more. So let’s start:

> What are Back End Technologies

Backend, as the name says, is the part away from the user. The server or storage of any application or software that do all background processing of data. The Storage, database, server-side functionality in a software/ application is the Back-end of an Application. The technologies we use to create Backend and database are called back-end technologies.

In normal person language, let a pizza shop. You order and get Pizza at the counter that is a front end part. But the place where it is prepared and cooked for you is the kitchen. You know that it is cooked in the kitchen but knew nothing of how it is made, who made it and much more as the kitchen is not accessible to everyone. Same is the back-end part.

> Why we use Back End Technologies

Whatever software or application, we create, we need to get data, save and process, using files and databases by applying business logics. A user can query information from the frontend by hitting backend without directly accessing it. Some more reasons :

  • To save data
  • To keep the system secure by isolating from user reach and unauthorized access
  • To do data processing like sorting, filtering and more.
  • To create web servers, web applications where the user can connect
  • To create banking systems that require giving user limited information but more to employees
  • To keep records and statistics
  • To save user-generated data and provide back in case of a user query
  • Forgetting reports directly

> Some Back End Technologies 

1. PHP

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PHP or preprocessor hypertext markup language is a scripting language used to create dynamic websites. It is a powerful language used in servers. The most popular Facebook was built with PHP.

2. Java

Java is the most successful and most used language of all time. It is used mostly in every project, whether directly or by frameworks. Java makes easy for connecting to the backend and create server-side code. Java provides an inbuilt package for most of the tasks that reduce the code required to program.

3. Python

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Python is a math-based language popularly used in the field of Ai and analysis as it has a simpler syntax and powerful framework. Python is also used to programme IOT devices like raspberry PI and Arduino.  Python is the top 3 languages and even students of low level are learning python in schools, that makes it popular among young also.

4. .Net

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.Net  is a language created by Microsoft and used mostly in windows application. .net is used for creating desktop applications and software. .net can also be used for creating websites. .Net provides sophisticated tools for development that makes development easier.



Hope you like the post, I will be adding databases to next part. Feel free to share, like and comment what you think. Share with your friends, family, relatives and more. Stay connected for more coming.

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