Earn money by Sharing Internet Bandwidth 4 Apps

Hi Everyone, there have been a hype of apps to earn money by simply installing them and sharing internet when not in use or if you have spare data to use. Multiple apps have been there in the market that allows you to earn by sharing internet. so let us discuss about this.

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How Sharing Internet Bandwidth work ?

If you remember the days when we didn’t have internet in all mobile phones, and we asked our friends to share Hotspot to use internet. Same is the logic here, but instead of Hotspot, the devices work as internet sharing devices over internet where we allow third party apps to let their users use our internet. Most of the sharing apps provide VPN services, allowing access to blocked sites, intel gathering through our internet connected devices.

They not only provide VPN, but also research, where there customers use the services, to check data that might not be available directly. For example, let say there is a product and you as a business man, need to research on where your product is widely used, or how popular your product is. So using these devices, you can get multiple data, across different regions easily. That’s how they gather information. and in return we earn money for sharing our internet.

Earning apps to share internet bandwidth

There are multiple apps available on the market, but here we are with apps, that we actually tested ourselves and earned a few dollars.

1. EarnApp

EarnApp by Bright VPN allows anyone to earn by sharing internet bandwidth by connected devices through app installed on phone, PC or mac. There are two modes to earn

  • Fixed mode – where you earn 5$ monthly
  • Variable mode – Where you earn 0.10$ per GB

We have tested both and we can say if you are unsure, then trying with fixed income is a good choice. Though you can run multiple apps, if you have multiple internet connections. Payments are made via Paypal and you can request withdrawal when you have earned 5$.

Available on Devices

  • Linux
  • Windows PC
  • Android
  • Raspberry PI
  • IOS
  • MacOs

Its recommended to run it on a PC as the power usage is there and may drain battery fast.

Refer Link – https://earnapp.com/i/vr4hzQQZ

2. PacketStream

PacketStream allows you to share your unused bandwidth, allowing you to effortlessly earn money. It’s a simple way to generate passive income with no additional effort as you just need to set it up and start earning as your bandwidth is utilized by others.

PacketStream only provides variable earning and allows you to earn 0.10$ per GB shared. It works same as EarnApp above. Payments are made via Paypal for 5$ earning.

Available on Devices

  • Windows
  • MacOs
  • Linux

Refer Link – https://packetstream.io/?psr=6RkT

3. Honeygain

Honeygain is the oldest app that works same and allows you to earn income by sharing your internet. Honeygain provides internet sharing, along with Cloud Delivery for providing video content over CDN. So recommended if you have a high quality internet bandwidth or more than 100 MBPS with you.

You can still run Internet sharing without Cloud delivery but earnings will be less. You earn honeygain points for data spent. There are two ways to get payment

  • Paypal
  • Jumptask (Crypto)

By default, you get Honeygain credits which on reaching 20$ in total, you can withdaw. Whereas if you use Jumptask, you get 10% bonus. Also there is no minimum amount to redeem as you get, Jumptask tokens in form of Crypto, that you can withdraw to a crypto exchange.

Available on Devices

  • Windows PC
  • Android
  • Linux (Via Docker)
  • MacOs

Refer link – https://r.honeygain.me/BALVIFD846

4. Pawns.app

Pawns App is the same as other apps, but we have put here as we don’t have nice earnings compared to above mentioned apps. Though you can give it a try, if it works for you or not. You need to install app on devices to keep sharing internet.

It also provides quests and surveys to earn additional income along with internet bandwidth sharing. You can complete simple steps to earn money. Once you have completed 5$ then you can request a payout via Paypal.

Available on Devices

  • Windows
  • MacOs
  • Android
  • Playstore
  • CLI (Linux)

Refer Link – https://pawns.app/?r=4800167

We have listed all the available apps in the market to earn with internet bandwidth sharing. But we recommend trying Honeygain and earn app first, along with PacketStream. But you can also try Pawns.App as well.

Requirements to earn money sharing internet bandwidth

  • You should have minimum 40 MBPS internet with unlimited bandwidth for optimal returns
  • A device to run app on
  • Paypal account for payments


So, we learnt, how to earn money by sharing internet bandwidth by installing and running mobile apps. We hope you learnt something and it will help you. Feel free to share your views in the comments below. Thanks for reading the post. Please share with your friends as sharing is caring.

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