How to Get a Chinese Phone Number?

If your business offers its goods and services on the Chinese market or you are going to cooperate with partners from China, an online number +86 by HotTelecom is exactly what you need. Follow to find out more about a Chinese virtual telephone number.

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What Is a Chinese Online Telephone Number?

An online telephone number is a service that assures simple and inexpensive communication between people from different locations. Such service is not linked to any device or telecommunication line, which enables the expansion of communication opportunities. Online numbers work based on IP telephony.

A Chinese number is a phone number with China code +86, which makes the number more trustworthy for your Chinese customers. If you choose a Chinese online number, there is no necessity to be physically in the country to provide a successful business. Due to the virtual number, it is possible to forget about high roaming costs as well as any privacy threats.

The use of the Chinese number is suitable for various types of businesses, including online stores, travel agencies, event companies, etc.

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Advantages of a Chinese Online Number

Main benefits of the choice of a Chinese online phone number:

·         Money saving (no need to buy new SIM cards).

·         Communication freedom (a virtual number can help you to bypass local communication restrictions).

·         Privacy protection (a virtual number protects your current location, correspondence, personal data, etc.).

·         Additional functions like call forwarding.

·         Easiness in use

·         High-quality signal transmission over long distances

How to Get a Chinese Virtual Telephone Number?

To buy a +86 virtual number by HotTelecom, follow the instruction:

·         Register a personal account on the official website.

·         Determine your country.

·         Choose a number.

·         Specify a tariff plan.

·         Provide payment for the service.

It will take up to 24 hours after the purchase to connect with a new online number.

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