Git Terminologies Post 3

In the last post, i have explained some of the basic operations that we perform with the GIT, and GIT Repository. In this post i will cover remaining of the few terminologies and in the next post, I will describe How to use Git in various devices. So let’s just continue with our post

Checkout is the operation performed to switch from one branch to another branch.

  • Head

Head is the reference object corresponds to the last commit in the current branch.

  • Origin

You might have seen whenever you perform operations that involved interaction with remote repository, you always have to use origin for git push origin master. We need to use origin word because it acts as an alias to the URL of Git remote repository.

  • Fork

Forking a Git repository means, there is someone else repository in GitHub and you want to test some changes in it without affecting original repository,then you should have a copy of that remote repository in your GitHub account. This is done through with the help of Fork operation of Git. For more information Read Forking a Repo.

  • Issues

Issues are more or less like comments that helps someone to track changes of repository and let’s other GITians report bugs and improvements that can be done by the owners of the repository. I said more or less like comments because It looks simpler like comments but have more features than Comments.

  • Gist

Gist is a service that allows you to share your code snippets which can be a single file or multiple files, but not any directory. Read Github and Gist to understand more about it.

That’s it for today, next post will be last post on Git and GitHub, in which i will share content from where you can learn GitHub with ease.

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