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We are accepting Sponsored posts only, so if you want to post anything. Send us via mail at the below address or fill in the form below. We also accept anchor links to old posts, contact us via mail or contact form for more details.
The charging is just to keep this awesome blog live as we are not earning from anything or not sponsored by any company. Sponsorships to our blog are also welcome.

Update: As mentioned in googles new policy external links need to be mentioned as sponsored, so we will add “rel=sponsored” to all sponsored links. This will ensure the link is not penalised by Google and traffic is generated. It is not the no-follow link, but a more secure do-follow link.


Note: Rules for Guest Post/Sponsored Post/Anchor Link (Sponsored Link) Posting

  • Don’t post any Spam or Fake Content like advertisements, drugs, adult, pornography links else you will be banned.
  • If you want to have author Bio included please add  along with the post:
    Profile Photo (Optional)
  • We charge for the Sponsored Post/ Anchor Link, do-follows with “rel=sponsored”.
  • Once added we never delete the post, it stays as long as the blog. You may contact us for link change though.
  • We can also do business/product reviews and promotions, contact us for details.
  • We accept multiple modes of payment like PayPal, Bank Transfer, Google Pay, UPI.
  • Subjects we love to write and accept posts on :
    > Technology
    > Developer tools, Code, Guides and references
    > Programming and Tutorials
    > Automation
    > Artificial Intelligence
    > Hacking
    > Software and Web Development
    > Computer Science
    > Android and IOS guide, app reviews
    > Website Guide and reviews
    > Product & Business Reviews
    > Infographics
  • Other Subjects we do not mostly publish, but allow if good content and useful for readers and helps in bringing positive change.
    > Inspirational Content
    > Gadgets
    > Coupons and Shopping
    > Money Making Apps (Legal)
    > Rooted Apps

Let us know for any other queries, you have via the contact form below or mail us at tekraze786@gmail.com. If you see any offending contact and would like us to take action, please contact us for the same. If you like the content, please let us know with your comments.

Thank You… Be in touch with Tekraze…

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