IDE’s The Integrated Development Environment you need to know


Hey everyone, I am back with a new post in developer series. In last post I told you about, text editors, now I will write about IDE today. You must have heard of IDE, if not IDE is the Integrated development environment.

IDE’s are the tools used by developers to write code, compile code, test code and debug. Yes, IDE is a set of text editor, syntax highlighter, autocompletion, debugger, compiler and more to speed up code writing and building apps with less of error.


Features of IDE’s :

1. Syntax highlighting to show if the code is written is correct, colors are different for wrong and right cases so it helps by highlighting.

2. Auto-completion feature helps us to get a method or piece of code by just typing initials of a method and displaying all methods starting with it.

3. Getter and setter methods, we can use this to create methods for getting and setting values just by using this.

4. Debugger for checking errors and fixing bugs.

5. Auto import, when we calling methods of different classes, the required classes are imported automatically into the working file.

6. Suggestions and tooltips for displaying some help and supply missing values or code.

7. Integrated Terminal for running commands.

8. Plugins and extensions to add functionality.

9. Integrated software updater.

10. Version control like Git for managing versions during different stages of software development.

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