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Currently, India is one of the central countries to which bookmakers are trying to allocate their activities. Online betting companies are in constant competition for players. Each of them tries to make their offers (promotions or bonuses) better and clearer, to make their platform safer exactly for using all the website functionality, to provide the best software for their users, and to provide the most qualified support service among all other companies in the gambling services market. The most popular companies for betting in India:

  1. LineBet (India);
  2. Betway;
  3. Bet365;
  4. DafaBet;
  5. Ubinet;
  6. LeoVegas;

According to statistics from the surveys, which were conducted by the most active players, it is these platforms that deserve more trust and greater appreciation among the gaming community. This is influenced by many reasons, such as customer focus, the most favorable bonus offers, simple wagering terms, the latest development in odds compilation, as well as the most advanced support service. 

The Law and Order of Betting Companies

All companies providing online betting services are guaranteed to undergo an inspection of their activities by the competent authority, which, after a positive assessment of the inspection, will issue a personal license to each particular company, and only based on this license a betting company can operate, only within the license companies can offer their services. Initially, there is a general inspection of all areas of the company – questions are considered as to whether the company has been involved in fraudulent or fraudulent betting, whether the company has cooperated with criminals in the field of money law violations, all internal documentation is checked, and the protection of the platforms that they will later provide to their users from around the world is also reviewed. After passing the first full check, companies are subjected to regular checks (no less than once every six months), regular checks consist of checking both documentation and the rest of the areas within the company. If any excessive activity is detected on the platform, or any shortcomings in the documentation, the company’s activity are suspended for an indefinite period. After the suspension of activity, a global inspection begins, which may be prolonged if new reasons are found for it. 

After the elimination of all the shortcomings, the company resumes its activities, maybe with adjustments, and maybe with the same access to providing services. If, after a large-scale inspection, the inspection body decides that the company can no longer exist – it loses its license and loses the ability to provide gambling services for a certain period. For the period of any of the inspections – users are restricted in accessing their accounts, whether the access will be returned, or all the funds (not the bonus money) will be returned to all customers, is decided by the final decision on the fate of the company, which passes the inspection.

Another element is the fact that to provide services on the territory of any of the states – one is required to sign an agreement with the Government of the country on whose territory the company is going to operate. Without this agreement, the company cannot provide its services in any state.

In the aggregate of all these facts, we can conclude that players should not worry about the fact that they can violate any of the laws of their state, being or using the functionality of platforms providing online betting services, because the company itself, which offers services and all responsibility lies solely on the bookmaker’s office, takes care of it.

Player Protection

Players are protected by the security service of each company. With a good security service in place, players do not have to worry about funds disappearing from their accounts or third parties using their accounts.

The first point of protection is going through an additional registration step called identity verification or account verification. On the platforms, it is strictly forbidden to use a second account for the same person! Because of this rule, the security service requires users to undergo additional verification when registering a new account (also such a request to the player may come at the first attempt to withdraw funds from the account). This procedure consists of proving that the person uses the account and does not have any other accounts on the same platform.This is done in a very simple way – by providing their identity documents, such as a driver’s license, a national ID card, as well as a passport of a certain country. All these documents are emailed to the company’s security service in the form of scans or photos. You will not have access to your account at the time of your identity verification, and your activities on the platform will be restricted. 

After a positive response from the security service, you will be able to use all the functionality of the platform, your actions will not be restricted by anything except the internal regulations (rules) of the service. If the security service considers that you are a fraud, or you already have an account, but you have lost access to it – all your accounts will be blocked without possibility of recovery. 

Conclusion: if you have lost access to your account and you are going to re-register on an online betting service platform, do not do so! Instead of re-registering, contact support and try to regain access to your old account – this method is safer and gives more results! Watch out for your actions on the platform and follow all the rules of the service, take care of yourself and your funds in the account!

Bonuses and Promotions

It is impossible to name even the top of the best bookmaker’s offices, by the ratio of bonuses provided and promotions for users. Each company stands out for its personal development of actual bonuses for players. Let’s look at the main bonuses that companies provide, using LineBet as an example. 

Disclaimer – Linebet here mentioned is and not related to official in anyway. Please, do your research carefully before investing.

The first one that stands out is the bonus thanks to the company’s promo code. Linet has a huge list of such promo codes. There is a distinction between a promo code for a bonus on registration (without making the first deposit to your account), a promo code for passing the verification, a promo code for downloading the company’s mobile application (developed in-house by their developers), a promo code for a long uninterrupted series of bets (any sport, any odds, bets as a team or an individual player). 

LineBet makes sure that every user of their platform can find their promo code and get the bonuses the way they want them. How do I find a promo code? Some of the promo codes can be found on the company’s official website, but they are “hidden” in advertising banners or other information. Other (rarer) promo codes may be found on the websites of partners (there are many companies that LineBet cooperates with, and it is not very difficult to find an additional promo code for yourself).

Most companies have a type of bonus such as a welcome bonus, and LineBet is no exception. On this platform, you can get a welcome bonus of 1,000 Indian rupees for betting without the first deposit (the wagering conditions of this bonus are specified when granting it to the user). The wagering consists of a certain type of bet (with certain odds), or on certain events from the world of sports. 

Also on the LineBet platform, there is a welcome bonus for depositing (making the first deposit) in the amount of 200% of the amount of the first deposit. Also, the minimum amount of the first deposit is 300 Indian rupees. The amount of maximum bonus is 10,000 Indian rupees. One of the most favorable offers among other platforms, thanks to the welcome bonus LineBet has earned itself a huge audience and gained regular customers.

Separate types of bonuses and promotions are constantly updated tournaments among players (you can participate for free), where you can win bonuses in the form of additional cash, advice from their best employees or players with the most experience in the company (players who became partners with the company eventually).

Privileges for Indian Players

Indian players can count on the best offers on the platforms, participating in all promotions held or receiving all kinds of bonuses. No restrictions, and sometimes additional types of bets or the opening of a time slot for betting exclusively for Indian residents. During national holidays or based on local traditions, games are added to the site with a specific interface and interior for the banner. 

All activities of the companies are solely aimed at making the use of the website for the player from India the most acceptable and free. Don’t bother to contact the company’s support team with any questions you may have. Support is available for Indian players 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A direct phone number is also provided to call the support team to get consistent help with your problem.

Player Cooperation with a Betting Company

Some companies run an interesting promotion offering to become part of a bookmaker’s office and get extra money (start earning with the company!). This offer is available absolutely to all players, you only need to contact the support service, explain that you want to start a partnership with the company, you will be sent a form by e-mail, and you have to fill it in. After completing the electronic form – expect a response from the support and if you are approved, you can receive a percentage of each player you invite to the platform (Important! Players must be real people and not just once visited the platform, but used it for a long time, the time specified on each platform is different). 

Once you are approved as an affiliate, you have access to data that is not available to normal players. For example, the reporting of a certain period, information on the time of activity among the players on the platform, information on promotions under development, and bonuses that will appear on the platform shortly. All this is done so that the partner has the opportunity to present the company in the best way and attract as many players as possible! 

Another advantage is that the player-partner gets an exclusive URL to enter the platform. Only the players who go and register on the website through their URL will be counted by him. In this way, companies keep track of new players entering the platforms, so it is easier for them to pay interest and get new contracts for partners.

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