Selling on Gumtree What You Need to Know

Selling your things on Gumtree should be easy, but is often made difficult by not knowing how the system works. However, sellers who gain that knowledge before using the platform tend to have a good success rate.

Gumtree might be the perfect place to sell your items, and with the combination of a couple of different services, you will be able to have an amazing experience selling there as well. By taking a simple set of steps, you will be able to sell a little more successfully on Gumtree. 

1 Pricing 

Pricing is vitally important so you need to start there. You want to ensure that when advertising your item, you are selling at the right price. Your price might not just need to cover the item, but also the cost of the ad (if you choose any other option other than free) and whatever shipping fees there might be. You also will find that getting the pricing right at the start can lead your item to sell faster, and help both you and your buyer come out of the exchange very happy indeed. 

2 Knowing the mechanics of Gumtree 

To get the best selling experience, you will need to know how things on Gumtree work. Gumtree is a relatively simple website to use, where you create an account and create ads for what you want to sell with a short description and some photos. You are also given the opportunity to work with numerous ad types, which include Free, Premium, Plus, and Featured.

All of these give you a different selling experience and can greatly improve your chances of success through their numerous features and benefits. It can be a bit expensive, though, so it might be beneficial to only pay for the ads you will make your money back on quickly. 

3 Shipping 

Unfortunately, Gumtree doesn’t provide shipping, so not everyone’s shipping rates will be the same. You are going to need to bring in an external company to ship your items for you. By looking into a reliable Gumtree delivery service, which you could find at, you will be able to compare different services to get your items to your buyer without needing to worry about it going missing in the post. You might also find that the costs here are better than you might find elsewhere, which can help you to keep your item cost lower or make your profit margin larger. 

A few final thoughts

The steps you need to take to sell your item quickly (and for the price your want ) on Gumtree are quite simple. These include learning a little extra about the mechanics of how it works, figuring out the pricing of your items, and sourcing the best shipping companies who can help you ship your items properly without worrying about them getting lost in the post, mishandled, or broken. Getting these right is key to getting what you want from your selling experience, and the more positive it is, the more likely you are to do it again.

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