8 Social Media Apps for Influencers need to know

Social Media Influencer apps for mobile

With the increasing number of social media platforms and modern advertising schemes, the advertising industry has changed a lot. Also with the industry alongside, social media influencing has become a favourite of youngsters who are going crazy over becoming a celebrity. Some we have seen rising to the heights that no one has thought of, they are like well-known people now.

Or, we can say, they as celebs, because of their large followers on social media in numbers like Thousands and millions. With a platform like Instagram and Titktok, there has been an increase in the number of social media influencers, because of the ease of content creation provided by these apps. Uploading a video or a story gives them instant likes.

So, we have compiled a list of Social Media influencing Apps for mobile that help to earn with social media influencing, in terms of money and products from brands, with advertisements on respective social media channels of the influencer.

List of Social Media Apps for Influencers for Mobile

Social Media Influencing Apps are available with and without followers limit as follows

Social Media Apps with No Minimum Followers

1. Winkl for Influencers: Collaborations & Resources

Winkl-for-Influencers-Collaborations-Resources Social Media Influencing Mobile Apps
Winkl for Influencers on PlayStore

The Winkl is a community of Content Creators & Influencers For Instagrammers, Youtubers, Tiktok stars, artists, photographers, and bloggers alike to come together, view each other’s work, learn about content creation and collaborate with top brands.

On the Winkl app, you can access curated brand collaborations from top brands in India. The collaborations section has all the right tools which help you manage your brand collaborations easily without any hassle. Right from applying to campaigns, getting shortlisted, payments (barter + paid), accessing the content brief, generating invoices and tracking payments.

Also check Indibloghub

2. Kofluence Influencer An Influencer Marketing Hub

Kofluence Influencer Social Media Influencing Mobile Apps
Kofluence Marketing app

The Kofluence app brings social media influencers and brands on a single platform where you can use the Influencer marketing app to collaborate with brands and conduct influencer marketing campaigns via your Instagram and Facebook social media accounts.
Social media Influencers can directly apply to the available campaigns, submit content for review, receive payments, and get an in-depth analysis of every post, where registration is completely free and you get paid for every campaign you conduct through the Kofluence influencer marketing app.

3. Influenster

Influenster Social Media Influencing Mobile App
Influenster on playstore

The Influenster is North America’s #1 product discovery and review platform which is The ultimate shopping companion; with over 40 million honest reviews written by people like you. The Influenster community helps you discover new products through reviews, Q&A, FREE full-size products, exclusive deals, and more!

Join to Add Your Honest Opinions & Share Your Expertise where Everyone is an Influencer, Review, and share your love or woes for products anytime, anywhere. Participate in the community, share photos in our galleries, join community conversations, and more, add video reviews, and more!

4. BrandBassador

Brandbassador Social Media Influencing Mobile App
Brandbassador on playstore

On Brandbassador you can become an ambassador for your favourite brands; and organizations – and complete missions they give you to help spread the word. Also, earn commission on the sales you generate – and turn your earnings into gift cards to spend in their online store.

5. KOLI – Micro-Influencer Marketing Platform For KOL

KOLI on playstore
KOLI on playstore

The KOLI is short for Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers. We are on a journey to build the world’s largest community of social media micro-influencers; Kol and other content creators to become the go-to platform for brands to collaborate with influencers.

As a brand or business owner, have you ever felt that it is getting harder; and more expensive to run advertisements to market your products on social media? At KOLI, the mission is to help entrepreneurs and brands get more exposure, leads, and sales; through the followers of KOL and other social media micro-influencers.

Minimum Followers required

6. Humanz

min 1000 followers

Humanz on playstore
Humanz on playstore

The simple and smart way to find the best social media influencers for advertisers’ specific needs is to using this marketplace, advertisers can find the most effective influencers, engage them, and manage all payments and posting confirmations securely.
Based on our unique deep search algorithms we provide advertisers with influencers’ followers market segmentation. Statistics and analytics about the target audience.

7. Influee

Influee requires min 1000 followers

Influenzee on playstore
Influenzee on playstore

Browse the posted campaigns on our platform and see if you like any. Check the campaign’s requirements and content guidelines. Submit your proposal to the brand and start collaborating.

Make sure to check content guidelines and give your best when creating posts and stories. Your money is safe with them until you complete a collaboration task provided. Once you complete collaboration requirements it will be paid out to you.

8. Trendster

Trendster requires a min 5000 followers

Trendster on playstore Social Media Influencing mobile app
Trendster on playstore

Welcome to Trendster, Egypt’s first Influencer Marketing App where we connect influencers with the coolest brands to create powerful and engaging online campaigns! Join our app today and earn money promoting the brands you love.

Are you an influencer, so why wait, just join the Trendster community and connect with your favourite brands to help you pursue your passion. You’ll also benefit from Trendster’s management system, with no more complicated briefs or never-ending amends everything’s on the app!

Final Thoughts on Social Media Influencing Apps for Mobile

We have compiled as much Social Media influencing apps for mobile as possible for you to try. We have tried some, but we are not influencers in the products offered. But you can go with Influenster, Brandassador, Winkl. If you have a large number of followers around 5k-10 k go with Humanz, influee, or If you having more than 10k go with Trendster. If you are just starting, then go with Uriji, Koli, Collabr8, all.me

Whichever you choose, do let us know your thoughts. Also share in the comments to let us know, if this article has helped you in anyway like either branded products, giveaways or money.

Keep reading and do share. As sharing is caring. Go and earn, by joining the apps, have a happy influencing.

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