Yoast Seo – The Seo master plugin everyone should use

Yoast Seo The Seo master plugin everyone should use check below

Yoast Seo needs not to have an introduction, as it is the most popular one when it comes of Seo optimization. To any website owner Seo, is important as it serves your site to audiences on Search Engines. The more is optimized, the more results are ranked. So let’s discuss.

What is SEO and why should we do SEO

SEO is short for Search engine Optimisation. It is the process of optimizing Search engines, so it indexes your site in top results, the main goal to like rank no 1 on Google search page. The ultimate goal of SEO is to rank our site at no 1 on Search engines, result page. So whenever the user searches for something, our result should be visible by him at the top.

You can see below screenshot of how results are displayed when you do optimization. For now, I just used my blog name, but actual indexing is for a blog post or page having some info based on keywords. The page with keywords will appear when a person does a search.

google search results tekraze

Seeing the image, isn’t this look interesting. Yes, it is. But the question is there are lakhs of site owners, in even your country and more in the world. So how to get ranked. This is the common problem many people do face. As they do not how to set Seo for a page or post so that it is ranked in Search Engine.

The Seo can be done in two ways.

  1. Either hire an agency for Seo with spending more money and results may not be good based on how they do
  2. Use a Seo plugin instead, and not depend on any agency

So, for a new blogger, or anyone looking for an easy and good solution, or to start local SEO business, I prefer to go for the plugin as you have complete control of your data. You can without any worries change any detail required instantly.

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SEO Plugins for WordPress

There are many plugins you can use, like:

1. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

2. RankMath SEO WordPress plugin

3. SeoPress a wordpress plugin

4. All In One Seo wordpress plugin

5. Seo 2020 By Squirrely WordPress plugin

But we will now talk about our favorite, Yoast SEO. For detailed review of other plugins. Check below link by admin at one of affiliated site.

Top 5 WordPress Seo Plugins Review

Yoast Seo

Yoast is the most used and preferred plugin by anyone from beginner to pro, for everyone. Whether the site is new or old, it works. It works like magic. It provides these functionalities

1.Focus Keyphrase

Focus keyphrase is a phrase that summarises your content and is used by the search engine to link content. One example is like, you writing about top 10 WordPress Plugin, so WordPress Plugins the keyword that the user will search for. you can have trending searches as keywords for your post. so it helps in ranking. You can have limited keyword in the free version, but more in the paid one.

2. Search Snippet

This snippet is used to modify how the result of your site link is displayed to users on google search. You can set Seo Title, Seo Slug, Seo description.

Yoast Seo Snippet Tekraze

3. Google Search Result previews

These are the previews generated from the above snippet you just edited which shows how the search result will appear on Google.

yoast seo google preview mobile Tekraze
Yoast Seo mobile preview
yoast seo google preview Desktop Tekraze
Yoast Seo desktop preview

4. Readability

Readability refers to the text if it can be read easily by the user. There are breaks, full stop, punctuations. The grammar with past present tense, or conjunctions, the joining words. It is a metric if your content is readable. below are the factors be shown, like sentence length, paragraph size, proper headings, passive voice, etc.

Yoast Seo readability Tekraze5. Social Cards

These are like the Google preview but helps you to set custom properties, like title, description, and image for different social media. Each social media may have different types of audiences, so you can configure accordingly for each. Currently, Facebook and Twitter available. Below is the preview

yoast seo social twitter Tekraze
Yoast Seo Social Card for Twitter
yoast seo social Facebook Tekraze
Yoast Seo Social Card for Facebook

6. Internal Linking

For any site to be ranked, links are necessary and Internal linking is one feature provided by Yoast in the paid version. It helps you to link the related sources let if you writing for WordPress plugin, you can link to a page about WordPress themes or WordPress practices. It is a way of chaining the links, so if one link is ranked, the internal linked one will also rank which helps in creating link Juice, which is used by search engines to predict the link quality, as more and more references are made to that link.

So, these are some Yoast Seo features, I listed mainly we use. There are many other features available that can help in Your Seo. It has a free version for basics but I will prefer to have the full version, you can Buy Now. Or, if you are still not satisfied, go check the reviews complete review of Yoast SEO. Believe me, you will not regret the decision of buying it.

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We talked about Seo and the plugins. So now as you know, go rank up on Google. Feel free to share your views, opinions in the comments below. Keep visiting for more updates. Do share as sharing is caring.

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