13 Free AI Based ChatGPT tools that can help with your daily work

Introduction to AI Based ChatGPT Tools

AI based ChatGPT tools are a powerful new breed of software using artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic human conversation and perform various language tasks. These tools excel at natural language processing (NLP), allowing them to understand and respond to prompts and questions in a way that feels natural and engaging. Tasks like

  • Generating product summaries from the product description
  • Generating summary from research paper
  • Generating summary of meeting notes
  • Generating new content from Existing content

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Here’s a breakdown of what makes them so special:

1. Conversational fluency:

  • Chatbots built on ChatGPT-like technology can hold open-ended dialogues, answer your questions, and even tell jokes!
  • They adapt their responses to your specific phrasing and context, making the interaction feel more organic.

2. Creative content generation:

  • Beyond conversation, these tools can generate text formats like poems, code, scripts, emails, and even musical pieces.
  • They can help you brainstorm ideas, overcome writer’s block, or simply explore different creative avenues. 

Even famous OnePiece writer ODA used ChatGPT for writing some episodes for the series as even he can not create new ideas by himself now. And the results were amazing.

3. Information and research:

  • Many tools leverage their vast knowledge base to answer your questions accurately and informatively.
  • They can be valuable research assistants, summarizing complex topics or finding specific information within massive datasets.

4. Personalization and assistance:

  • Some tools take it a step further, offering personalized experiences like emotional support, travel recommendations, or website-building assistance.
  • They adapt to your preferences and needs, becoming helpful companions or productivity boosters.

List of 13 AI-Based ChatGPT tools you can use.

We can divide ChatGPT based tools or chatbots based on their use case. It can either be

  • General Purposes like ChatGPT or Bard
  • Specialised like Replika

So, let’s check the list.

General Chatbots

1. Bard

Bard tool can converse, write different kinds of creative content, and answer any questions in an informative way. Great for open-ended discussions and creative exploration. Can help with code as well as content

2. Microsoft Bing Chat

Ask Bing anything and get informative, comprehensive answers. Good for research and factual queries.

3. DialoGPT

Engage in casual, open-ended dialogue with this model trained on Reddit conversations. Fun for informal chats and exploring interesting topics.

4. LaMDA (Google’s conversational AI)

Experience next-gen conversational AI from Google, focusing on open-ended, informative dialogue. Ideal for in-depth discussions and exploring complex topics.

5. NeevaAI

Get answers to your questions with Neeva’s private search engine AI. Focuses on privacy and factual accuracy.

Specialized Chatbots:

6. Replika

Build an emotional connection with an AI friend who listens and learns from your interactions. For companionship and emotional support.

7. Wonder-AI

Get personalized travel recommendations and suggestions based on your preferences. Perfect for trip planning and exploration.

8. Chatsonic (on Opera browser)

Chat with ChatGPT directly in your Opera browser for convenient access. Good for quick interactions and research during browsing.

9. Socratic

Get help with math homework using AI explanations and step-by-step solutions. Useful for students and anyone learning math.

10. Wix ADI

Build a website with the help of an AI assistant who guides you through the process. Excellent for beginners and non-technical users.

11. Midjourney AI

It is a Text to Image,  an AI Art Generator that can generate images you can imagine from your chat prompt given to the bot. Easily turn your ideas into stunning visuals using the Imagine AI art generator. Just enter your text, pick a style, and see your imagination come alive!

12. Craiyon

With Craiyon you can turn your words into wonderworks and make your imagination alive. You can generate beautiful AI art with the world’s favourite new FREE AI image generator.

13. AI Playground

Playground is a free-to-use online AI image generator. You can use it to create art, social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more. This contains many tools you can use and is free.


There are multiple tools available that can be used. We will be adding more tools to this list as we explore.

Some tools may be trial versions as the tools require high processing powers, but still, you can use them for free before having the paid version. But some are still free with limited capabilities and options for you.

We recommend using Craiyon and AI Playground for image generation tools.

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