Introduction to Git and Version Control

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A very good day for all of You. I welcome you all, in the tutorial on the Git and GitHub. First of all, we will cover all the basics terminology associated with Git. Today we will concern only with :

So Let’s just start:

What is Git and What is Github?

If you have gone through any tutorial of git before, you might have heard that Git is a Version Control Tool that lets you manage your project and keep the record of all the changes that you performed during the development of the project on your local System. While GitHub is a Distributed Server that keeps your changes at the remote destination. So that, whatever you change at your local system can be accessed from anywhere any location.

If you still don’t understand the difference between these two terms, consider the corollary given below:

Git as your safe/locker at Home

As you know safe lets you store your money or jewelry, so as Git lets you store the version details of your project. You can change the content of your safe whenever you are at home. Similarly, you could do changes to git only when you have Your local System with you. Your local System might be any device, i.e. your personal computer or laptop, or it might be your office.

GitHub as your Bank

The money kept in your locker is not much secure, so there comes a replacement of safe as Bank. Bank provides you more security and greater accessibility than safe kept at your Home. Likewise, GitHub stores your project as a repository at the different distributed server and provide you with some sorts of security without charging any cost.

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