The Alphabet of Programming Languages

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Hi, all welcome back to Tekraze, today I will be writing about alphabets, not of language but of programming. With the development of technology and research, there are many new changes and enhancements to programming. We have seen changes from basic computer language to high-end languages like java and python. So I will be listing today some of the used languages in programming by letters of Alphabet. Check out how many you know

So let’s check the full alphabets as programming languages :

Starting with A – A+, A++,  ABAP, ADA, Alice, Algol, Action Script, Angular js and angular 2, 4, 5

Starting with B – B, BASIC, Bash, Batch, Bliss, Boo, Business Basic

Starting with C – C, C–, C#, C++, CAML, Cython, CoffeeScript, Cold Fusion, Compass

Starting with D D, Delphi, Darwin, Dynamo, DataLog, Draco

Starting with E – E, Epl, Euphoria, Erlang, Emerald, Elan

Starting with F –  F, F*, F#, Fortran, FoxBase Pro, Falcon, Fantom

Starting with G – G, Go, GScript, Genie, GDL, Gortran, GraphTalk, Groovy, Goal, Google Apps Script

Starting with H –  Hack, High-Level Assembly, Hexa, Hop, Hermes, Harbour

Starting with I – IBM Basic assembly language, IBM HAScript, IBM Informix-4GL, IBM RPG

Starting with J – J, J#, J++, JADE, Jass, Java, Javascript, Jython, Julia, Jscript, JavaFX

Starting with K – K, Karel, Karel++, KEE, Kotlin, KRC, KRL, KRL (KUKA Robot Language)KRYPTON, ksh, Kodu

Starting with L – L, LabVIEW, Ladder,Lava,Legoscript,Lingo, Lisp – ISO/IEC 1381,Lite-CLogoLotusScript,LiveCode,LiveScript,Lynx

Starting with M – M4, M#, MachineCode, MIIS, Microcode, Microscript, Mortran, Matlab, Mathematica, Milk

Starting with N – Neko, NesC, NewLisp, Newspeak, NSIS

Starting with O – Objective-C, Objective-J, OCaml, Oxygene, Object Logo, ObjectLisp

Starting with P – Perl, P#, P”, PHP, PDL, Python, Pl/SQL

Starting with Q – Q, Q#, QuakeC, QPL

Starting with R – R, R++, Rapid, Rebol, Ruby, Rust

Starting with S – S, S2, S3, Swift, Scala, SML,, SQL, Scratch

Starting with T – T, Transcript, T-SQL, Typescript

Starting with U – UML, Unity, Unix shell, Ubercode, UnrealScript

Starting with V – Verilog, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Visual DialogScript, Visual Fortran, Visual FoxPro, Visual J++, Visual J#, Visual LISP, Visual Objects, Visual Prolog

Starting with W – WebQL, WindowsPowerShell, WinBatch, Wolfram Language

Starting with X – XL, X++, XC, Xsharp, XSLT

Starting with Y – YAML, YQL, Yorick, Yoix

Starting with Z – Z notation, Zeno, ZOPL


Of these languages, Java, Angular & python are the popular ones. Comment and share your views about your favorite language or one you use. Feel free to comment and share with your friends and family. Keep visiting for more updates coming and posts like this. Statu connected to Tekraze.


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