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Hey, friends today I will be writing about the Open Source OS Linux. First let me tell you, anything that is available freely on internet and anyone can modify, reuse and share with anyone is called Open Source. So why Linux is an Open Source. Linux is a name that broadly denotes a family of free and open-source software operating systems (OS) built around the Linux kernel. Linux was created by Linus Torvalds as a project but it became popular and there is a big community of developers and users as well. Linux is now adopted by various developers and teams that have created their custom versions of Linux such as Linux mint, ubuntu, slitaz and more.

Linux is now everyone’s favorite as it is free of cost and available freely and easily over the internet.

So what Linux provides :

1. Open Source OS – No money, anyone can use, modify and share

2. It is Faster than Windows

3. Efficient Memory Optimization

4. Less resource utilization

5. Secure OS

6, Open Source Apps (Some are paid although)

7. No fragmentation

8. Command based OS than GUI

9. No malware or virus issue

10. Provides Virtualization Support

11. Wine Compatibility layer for running windows apps


List Of famous Linux based OS :

1. Ubuntu

2. Linux Mint

3. Debian

4. Arch Linux

5. Kali Linux

6. Bodhi Linux

7. Fedora

8. Puppy Linux

9. Slitaz

10. Parrot Os

So that’s it for now, we will be sharing more under this post. Feel free to like, comment and share your views and opinions below. Keep visiting for more updates like this. Have a nice day.

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