Learn Git like You are five

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There is a time when we wait for the weekly comics like Bal Bhaskar or Young Bhaskar. It consists of stories and riddles that let us learn very important life learning through some Doodles and Animations. It was very fun and enjoying even we are learning something, but still we enjoy to do it.

Now we are grown up and don’t wait for those comics anymore and have to learn from the big books that teach us about technologies and many other facts, How fun it would be if these learning can be done through same comics and doodles. See the image below, How easy to grab concepts of GIT PULL through these doodles.


This picture is drawn by Ms. Tomomi Imura who is An Open Web advocate and front-end engineer. How easy she made the very long learning through some doodles that any kindergarten kid can learn these concepts. She inspired me in an innovative way, how we can make learn kids computers as well as the mathematical concept through some pictures and cartoon that are hard to understand for some people.

You can view her post on her own blog: Girlie Mac

To see more of her doodles about Git visit: Git Purr


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