Your IP Address Says More About You Than You Know

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In the common internet parlance of today, one of the words that you will usually hear is ‘IP’, but many might not know the significance of it. An IP address is a powerful set of numbers that can reveal your location to the very zip code where you are browsing from.

This is where your red flag should be raised. When this zip code data is combined with other metrics such as cookies, metadata, trackers and other browser fingerprinting tactics, website owners and ISPs will usually be able to find out your identity. Your real IP invades your privacy more than you know, and this is how.

What is an IP?

An IP address is short for ‘Internet Protocol,’ and it does more for you than just assign a couple of numbers to your computer. It is such that even if two computers were browsing from the same place, they would not be having the same IP address. Those numbers might look random, but there is a science to their assignment. They also tell a lot about your identity and location.

What does your IP address say about your identity and location?

A lot. We might have been bordering on the line of how an IP address tells where your computer is from, but that is not all. Alone, your IP address will be able to tell just where your computer is located. It might not tell anyone looking at it your name, but it would approximate the entire area from which you are logged in.

Furthermore, it reveals what network you are browsing on. Whether it is a personal network, a public Wi-Fi network or a cellular network, you can trust your IP address to rat you out. If you want to beat this by connecting two computers at the same time, you won’t be getting any headway – especially if they are on the same network.

You don’t have to take our word for it. You can find out what your IP says about you here.

advertisers take advantage tekraze
Advertisers take advantage of this

Marketers and advertisers spend a lot of money on banners and ads that they place everywhere. The thing with these banners is that they have to garner a lot of impressions to have the desired effects. Likewise, these marketers need to make sure they are spending their advertising dollars the right way. That is why they take all of the IP traffic and data, map them to you with cookies and then, target you with ads.

It is also why you would get store products particular to you shown up in ads and banners. This is not a coincidence. You have just become a victim of ads targeting. The same thing happens when you get subjected to price discrimination and dynamic pricing practice.

Under this model, you will be made to pay more just because of the zip code you are shopping from. The rationale behind this is that certain countries have always be perceived to be more affluent than others.


Many people don’t know the dangers they subject themselves to when they are on their real IP addresses. That is why it is important to educate oneself on the various inconveniences – security-wise and otherwise – that could arise.

You should also make moves towards reclaiming your privacy so that you can enjoy the internet with neither prejudice nor fear for your security.

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