5 best apps for programming students

A programmer’s work is never delicate. We programmers live a tough life where we have to stay updated with the latest technologies all the time. We cannot afford a slip-up. In order to stay on top of your game all the time, we have selected some apps that can help programmers and developers.

Here are the five best apps we think are highly suitable for you if you are a programmer. Also a special thanks to Simon Swift of SwiftContractPhones.com for suggesting Code board. If you want to learn new technologies, enhance your skills and no matter what you want to do programming-related, these apps will surely be of great help.

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Here goes the list,

1. DevRant

Imagine you are a developer with little social life (that is no secret trust me, we are all like that), wouldn’t it be great that you meet other developers and share your experiences, highs, lows, problems, achievements and what not. Just have a great time – it would be refreshing, of course.

So download DevRant a social app for developers where you can do a variety of things. I simply love the programming humor there, memes, jokes, articles and much more. But you can also find serious programming content there. You can even share your own problems and the community will help you resolve them. DevRant is a great app. One that you should definitely download.

You also find jobs here. Many other developers will often post that they need help and in no time, out of nowhere, you will find yourself having plenty of projects.

Click here to download.

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2. Idea Bag 2

As a programmer one often gets stuck and runs out of ideas. If that is happening to you, Idea Bag 2 is just the app for you. As the name suggests the app is full of ideas. It will give you plenty of content on a variety of topics and even give you a practice problem.

You will figure out what programming language do you want to code in, what graphics you should use and so on and so forth. The app is great especially if you are a new programmer and don’t have a lot of experience. Idea Bag 2 will make your practice so much that you will learn many programming languages in no time.

Click here to download IdeaBag2.

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3. Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a comprehensive program for learning new programming languages. It has everything you would need to learn and execute programming languages. The focus of the app is primarily on guidance and teaching. But you can also compile and run your code in this app. As a programmer, it saves you a lot of time and hassle and can be very handy in situations when you are away from your laptop.

Click here to download ProgrammingHub.

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4. Online compiler

The online compiler is exactly what you thought it was: an online compiler. It is a standalone app that supports almost all the programming languages. It is ideal if you are the sort of developer who likes to test his code in his spare time or like you practice on the go.

OnlineCompiler will provide you with all the features you could possibly need.

Click here to download Online Compiler.

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5. CodeBoard

CodeBoard is a very handy app if you are a programmer who codes using his smartphone. It is basically a keyboard app optimized for developers and programmers. For example, the semicolon ( ; ) button is at the front.

There are other useful features as well. The keys that are commonly used are displayed at ‘easy to access’ areas. You will not truly understand the brilliance of CodeBoard until you use it.

Click here to download CodeBoard.


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