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As you are here, i am sure you love Linux OS a lot. There are lots of Linux Distributions available in the market, each being used for different purpose but have you heard of any Indian Linux OS. I am sure, there are fews, who have heard about this. So let me introduce you with BOSS(Bharat Operating System Solutions).

It is an Indian Debian based Linux OS, that is being developed by C-DAC, Chennai. The software has been endorsed by the Government of India for adoption and implementation on a national scale. I am not going to bore you with long descriptions about BOSS. You can read more about it BOSS-Wikipedia or BOSS-Official Site. I am going to write only about the features that makes it different from the other Linux distros.


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User-Friendly Interface and Easy To install

If you ever have installed any OS before, then its easy to install this one too. It mimic the installation of, Kali Linux. When You login with your User-Name and password, it welcomes you with nice sound and Welcome Screen. Most of the other tools are similar as it is provided in other Linux, like Libre Office as document Manipulator, GParted as Partition editor, and  GIMP as image manipulator etc. But there are some other tools that makes it well fascinating.

BOSS An Indian OS - For Linux Lover 2

BOSS – Bulk Document Converter

When you are struggling with converting lots of document, to one format to other format and paying huge sum of money and still not getting desired output then, I would suggest you to once try this. It has easy to use interface and many document format conversion supported like doc, pdf, html any many more. Here is sample outputs of a document of doc extension being converted to a html file. The output is quite similar to the real document

BOSS An Indian OS - For Linux Lover 3
The converted Output as Html Document
BOSS An Indian OS - For Linux Lover 4
Real Document
BOSS An Indian OS - For Linux Lover 5
Html Code


Gespeaker is a free GTK+ frontend for espeak. It allows you to play a text in many languages with settings for voice, pitch, volume and speed. The text read can also be recorded to WAV file for future listening. Many times you required a speaker that could read your notes or text document. BOSS comes with preinstalled GeSpeaker which has nice and easy to use interface, specially for non-experts.

BOSS An Indian OS - For Linux Lover 6

WordNet Dictionary

BOSS comes with a ready to use dictionary that work online as well as offline. To checkout How efficient the dictionary is, I searched to words in offline mode, and amazed by its results

 BOSS An Indian OS - For Linux Lover 7 BOSS An Indian OS - For Linux Lover 8


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There are many more tools in BOSS since i have not updated and upgraded due to lack of time, will see you soon again with another new technology and some more amazing capabilities of BOSS.

You can download ISO File From Here. Hope you like the post, If You are Technology Lover or a great writer you are welcomed to write Guest Post.

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