5 cool video ideas that will spark your imagination

Video – the magic word that guides your marketing to succeed. Therefore, you should seriously consider how much your marketing strategy includes video marketing.

You probably don’t even realize how much video has taken off in the marketing field in general today, regardless of what you do.

Start from being exposed to tons of video content every day, knowingly or unknowingly, starting with scrolling through Instagram while, say, taking your lunch break.

Then, very often we are not even aware that while we are watching some entertaining video content or stories of ordinary people, there is a brand behind it, which is promoting itself in that way and giving you different information.

Research related to the year 2020 shows that people spend an hour and 43 minutes per day watching videos on digital channels.

In 2022, we can only assume that this number will be even higher.

According to research by HubSpot, the growth of video content viewing has doubled compared to 2018.

Here’s what last year’s data says:

• 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool

• 93% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy

• 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service

• 78% of marketers feel that video has a direct, positive impact on sales

Positive statistics can certainly motivate you, but it probably also raises a lot of questions in your head.

Let’s go back a few sentences above, you probably asked yourself How can I make a video that will be interesting to people and promote my brand to the target group, without it being a classic product presentation and at the same time I’m not a big company with a big marketing team and money he can invest?

You don’t need a lot of money, people and cameras

Okay, let’s get this straight, you don’t need a big team or a lot of money. Thanks to the applications that exist today, such as Plainly, whose expansion has been happening in recent years, and their personalized marketing video solution you can have small digital collaborators who will complete the entire job based on the template you specify.

These apps usually have a free trial period or ask for a certain amount of money, depending on what you need. But trust us, it’s worth it.

Also, you already have the recording device and keep it in your hand. Believe it or not, today’s mobile phones can record high-quality video materials that can be used to make great videos.

When we have solved the issue of team and money, which is usually the biggest problem, the question arises, what should that video look like?

New products are not the only idea for the video, we let the imagination run wild

No, not every video has to be “Introducing you to our new product”, which you shouldn’t run away from either, because that’s a great idea, especially to present the features of the product to the clients most easily and effectively.

Let’s open up our horizons a bit and give our customers something new and interesting, which will make them love our brand even more.

We give you three cool suggestions to get you started, and then you can “play” with the ideas as you see fit.

– Satisfied clients

The best advertisement is the one made for you by satisfied customers. Use it in the best possible way and on the one hand you will interest new clients, but maintain good relations with existing clients as well. Testimonials or recommendations are the best forms of promotion. Today, people very often look for ratings and reviews for all products, to make sure of the experiences of others. Make it possible for them too by including your regular customers in the promotion and presenting their positive experience with your products.

– Behind the scenes

Take your customers behind the scenes. Everyone likes to see that, and it builds a relationship based on trust even more. Show them where the products are made, from what materials, and in what way, introduce them to your employees, and let them be the main actors of the video, while you can be the guide. Present your ideas and the values ​​you stand for.

-Get influencers involved

Influencers have become practically a new profession in recent years, and it is very lucrative and very effective for marketing. Think about whom you could include and whose profile matches what your brand stands for. Make a plan in agreement with the selected influencers, and even let them help you and design what the promotion on their channels could look like and how they could get involved and make the access to your customers more interesting and open the door for new customers.

– How to

Everyone loves educational videos, and very often people give up buying if they don’t have enough information about a product they are interested in. Educate them, answer their most frequent questions, and show them a concrete example of how a product is used. Make a video in which you will advise them how to easily make something new in their home, recycle, repair, and all with the help of your product.

– Strong messages of your brand

It’s not all about products and sales. Also, think about the values ​​that your brand stands for. Present your ideas and visions you have. Let clients get to know more about what you stand for and why. Also, someone doesn’t have to be your customer at all to share such a video. Strong and emotional social messages are part of all of us and are important to all of us. So you will achieve much greater visibility.

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