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If you are a computer user, laptop user with a latest slim laptop. You must be having the issue which mostly all of the laptop users have. You mave have guessed it by Now, yes, you are right. The issue is the limited number of ports for connecting devices, or there is like no port at all you may be looking like there is usb port, but not USB C, port or vice versa. The ports may be consumed by like one mouse, one pen drive or hard disk, or it may be dead. So for all these the ultimate solution is having a Device, known as Docking Station.

Docking Station, is a hardware device that have a number of multiple ports on it, it may be small or large based on requirements having more ports. By using the single port you can, have multiple ports connected to the laptop by docking station. This way you can multiply ports and increase whenever you want, connect multiple devices.

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There can be two types based on the hardware and cable used.

1. Direct Connection

These are mostly small in size and like have 4-6 ports or more based on the are it have to cover ports, these mostly gets connected to laptop like a usb drive and provides permanent ports solution. This one is good, if you are constantly moving your laptop. Or you are a traveller. Also like, you can carry in the pocket or keep it connected to laptop.

2. Via Cable Connection

These are mostly large, but can also be small. It have a wire with Normal USB or USB C Port, that connects to a laptop from a distance. So like, you can keep the docking station on a surface and easily and perfectly plug devices like, external hard disks which may be heavy to carry as a portable and not wise to move as data connection may hurt if moved. So these are mostly used for permamnently adding devices to port, like external mouse, external hard disk, external printer etc.

Benefits of Docking Stations

1. Connect more devices like USB C Devices, HDMI device or micro usb devices.

2. On the fly ports, if some of your laptop ports are dead, and you have only one port left to connect two devices.

3. If you having loose ports.

4. To keep the port safe, by allowing addition removal of devices, only at docking station and not laptop.

5. Docking station is replaceable in case of port failure or damage, but laptop ports are not.

6. Docking stations can be moved from one place to another easily, they are portable

7. Docking stations can be placed anywhere easily.

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