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Hi there, readers today I am going to write again about a new IDE in town, MarkUp Web Editor. I have written about it in past and you can visit my last post from the link below. For those who are new to MarkUp, it is a web editor for writing code with tools and support for new programmers.

Easily create websites with a WOW effect. With code completion for HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, even beginners can quickly learn the language of the Internet. In addition, a description is displayed for each suggestion, so you always have an overview of what you programmed. Syntax highlighting gives you a more comfortable and significantly more efficient reading flow of the document. Start now and see for yourself!

Today I will be writing about Updates in Mark Up Web Editor.

1. The previous Editor was in German only, but now it is fully translated into English language and now supports English.

2. New Programming Language support added like JSON, TypeScript, and PHP .

3. Multiple Color themes for user-based code viewing setup.

4. Syntax Highlighting Added.

5. Code completion enhanced.

6. Wizard for adding keywords and other metadata for those having little or no knowledge by using pre-made scripts or stylesheets.

Well, it is available for Windows only now. But you can go and give it a try. Don’t forget to write in comments, what you think about this Editor and what features excite you the most.

You can download from link >>>> Download here

For tutorials on MarkUp editor , visit Link >>>>

That’s all for now, more will be coming. Stay connected to Tekraze, come back for more.

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