4 Money games for kids online to play for easy learning

Hi everyone, we are going to discuss how Money games for kids online can help them learn money better and at the same time allows family to spend time with kids making sure they are ready for life. So, let see what Money Games are.

What is Money Games for kids online

Money games are real life simulation games where kids can learn how cash works by playing different games. Games like Cashier Simulator and Cashback have the logic where it simulates real world cash system and banking, it shows how the coupons, bills and coins work with things like groceries and gift coupons.

Money games basically works on the real life logic to help kids understand financial, statistics and numbers in a real world, that they might not be able to learn in a school or college. With the added bonus of fun and enjoyment for kids, with parents not needing to worry that their kids are spending time elsewhere.

Why Money Games for kids online

As the Money games simulate real world, its an easy and better way for kids to learn with some benefits.

  • No real money involved, so kids can do mistakes and learn
  • Can be done at home without going anywhere
  • Kids can be monitored by parents
  • A fun time for kids to utilise their time without getting bored.
  • Games can help kids understand better.
  • Getting them ready for real world.

Some Money games for kids online to Play

We have curated a list of games that you can play directly without searching them online from a long list of games.

1. Cashback

Screenshot of Cashback Money Game online
Screenshot of Cashback Money Game online

Cash Back is a game where players give customers the correct change using bills and coins. You can select the settings you wish to play including difficulty levels easy, medium, or hard. You can enable hints, and if you want to show the change amount.

4 Money games for kids online to play for easy learning 1

You can Select the bills and coins needed to correctly sum to the customer’s change amount to complete the action by Tapping on the Give Change button. You can answer as many questions correctly as you can until you run out of time and with various different money combinations so long as the final sum total precisely matches the change due.

2. Treze Coins

Screenshot of Treze Coins money game
Screenshot of Treze Coins money game

Treze Coins is a simple money addition game where children add together coins to deposit into a gumball machine. This game support different country flags and languages. Available Language Options include English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French.

Player can select which coin denominations he would like to use. The options are: either 1, 1 and 10, or 1 and 5 and 10. Look at the amount shown at the top center of the screen and click on coins from the bottom area to insert coins which sum to that amount.

When you have added up the correct number of coins click on the gumball machine to insert the coins. If you make a mistake you can click the X under the coin adding box.If you need to make change there is a coin converter in the lower right corner. Keep buying gumballs until you run out of money.

3. Idle Money Tree

There is a popular saying that money don’t grow on trees, but here it does. Idle money tree is a click gamer that actually allows players to pick money from trees. It simulates money growing on trees which is a dream of most the persons.

Screenshot of Idle Money Tree Start
Screenshot of Idle Money Tree Start

To play one need to click money bags as they appear on the tree to collect them. Player need to click rapidly and repeatedly to activate a multiplier bonus which can double or triple the earnings. Select floating bags of money which randomly appear on the screen to earn large extra sums.

One can also upgrade the sunshine, the watering can, fertiliser, fruits, and genetic research to further boost the earnings.

Screenshot of Idle Money Tree Money game for kids online
Screenshot of Idle Money Tree

4. Bitcoin Bubble

Bitcoin Bubble Shooter is an 80-stage bubble shooting game themed after cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, Ethereum

Screenshot of Bitcoin Bubble money game
Screenshot of Bitcoin Bubble Money game

To play you need to aim your bubble shots to create sets of 3 or more identical adjacent bubbles to remove them from the stack as it grows to bottom. When you knock a set off the stack any other bubbles which are only connected via those bubbles will also fall away.

Use a limited number of bubbles to reach the level goal on each of the 80 stages to earn up to a 3-star rating on each stage. As you advance through the game you earn power ups.

If you get stuck on a level you can activate the power ups to improve your aim guide, swap out the current bubble with the next bubble, or pick a bubble from the stack to remove it.

4 Money games for kids online to play for easy learning 2
Screenshot of Bitcoin Bubble Money game for kids


We hope you like this article. You can explore more games on the Mortage calculator as they offer other games as well. Feel free to share your views in the comments below. Keep reading and sharing as sharing is caring.

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