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A New Book in the Hood Javascript Grammar by JS Tut

A New Book in the Hood Javascript Grammar by JS Tut let us check

In the recent past years, JavaScript is considered to be the most developing and used language, shown by various developer communities whether its Full Stack Academy, Hacker-noon or  Stack Overflow. The sudden hype in this scripting language makes the developer community more fascinated towards it. Being Popular this language is also most confusing for the newcomers, especially declaring variables like strictly type language(using let, const, var). Sometimes having great experience of work in this language, You sometimes may get confused about simple things, when you are working on frameworks and builds on top of JavaScript.

The variable modifier was not enough confusing for the expert, then came the ES2016 Syntax of JS. A Couple of new features were introduced when ECMAScript is declared as a standardized version of JavaScript with the goal of unifying the language’s specifications and features. Like Arrow Functions, Promises, Rest Operator, Destructing Assignment, and many more… This added more headache to learner especially for beginner. They need to traverse new Books, lecture documentation to grasp properly these new concepts. But if a single book could solve your problem giving you a deeper insight of JavaScript as well as clearing the concept How just learning JavaScript and applying in the real life projects are different. Yes ! A Single Book for the JS! You might be thinking i am Kidding.

How this is different from the other Books in the Market?

Let me discuss each key features one by one:

1. Widely Targeted Audience:

This book is targeted not only for the beginner but a person who think himself as a master can go through this book and have a deeper insight of the JavaScript. You will be amazed How it cover the complex concepts with very simple straightforward Examples.

2. Available in two Color Schemes:

As a developer likes Black IDE. So the Author (Greg Sidelnikov) decided to release it in two schemes one for the people who love black schemes and one is the ordinary (but with extraordinary use of color combination). Till now the Black version is available only in Ebook. The Paperback is available in

Preview of Javascript Grammar Book by JS Tut 1
Preview of Javascript Grammar Book by JS Tut
Preview of Javascript Grammar Book by JS Tut 2
Preview of Javascript Grammar Book by JS Tut

3. Free Giveaways:

This thing makes him more extraordinary than any other. If you wanna Get a Free Copy (Not Paper Back). People who can’t spend some money, he is providing free to them. But if you can buy a paperback then please buy it, because it’s the hard work of one who wants to light the world with his knowledge.

Giveaway was ended, so buy the PDF with discount from link in the end of the article

4. Updated With Earlier JS to ES10:

All the topic has been covered since JS has started and  evolved to EcmaScript. Not only it contains EcmaScript  but also it contains all the concept of latest version of ES 10.

5. Stick and Justify the Title:

It’s not only targeting the large audience but having the content that stick to explain the grammatical syntax of JS, unlike other books which try to contrast the different  syntactical sugar with each other. It only let’s you understand by yourself that you don’t need to worry what to choose for solving a particular problem

Does these Key Feature makes you excited about this book and want to have deeper insights into JavaScript. You can buy JavaScript Grammar or get a free copy

About the Author of the book:

Greg Sidelnikov is a writer at  Learning Curve. So far He has released one Book CSS visual Dictionary – BUY NOW which contains tons of Practical CSS Examples that let the designer understand the different Properties with lots of perspectives that clarify the concepts of CSS without any system in hands. Wanna Subscribe to his News Letter Click Here. As being book author he writes dozen of enlightened resources on Medium. You may get in touch with him on Medium

Updated — Buy now with discount at following Buy Link

This was all for now, i hope this will help you. Feel free to share if you think someone can benefit from this. Also feel free to do share your views in the comments below. Thanks for reading and keep visiting.

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