Top 5 tips for a Newbie Photographer to Manage photos

If you are a photographer by profession, then you might have hundreds or thousands of photographs on your computer and sometimes you find yourself messed up in the bunch of these thousands of photographs. It is always a better idea to manage your photographs to avoid such situations and this is how you will have everything handy. Here are some quick tips and tricks for Photographer to manage photos. Managed photo gallery can help them to keep their life sorted and thus they will have more time to shoot amazing things around.

Sort your collections category wise:

It is a very common method to sort your collection date wise so that you can find your newer collections on the top and older one in the bottom but sometimes we forget when we clicked which photo. This is why you should sort photo albums with the objects into them. Such as you can put portrait photos in one folder and photos of landscape in other folder similarly you can categorize photos of flowers and animals in different folders.

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2. Use Cloud Storage for your Photos

There are many cloud storage-based platforms which provide you space to store your photos. Google photos is one of such cross-platform tools on which you can easily backup your photos. It is loaded with intelligent algorithms which help you to search for photos with the help of objects in them. Google photos also enriched with technology to auto correct rotations and to identify location from images. We can say it is a good idea to back up your photos on Google photos this way can save space on your device and your collections will be well organized at the same time.

3. Clear duplicate files:

Duplicate photos on the device you use to store photos is a biggest problem because you will not even come to know and after a particular time your device will be full. This makes sense if some useful files are taking space on the device, but you cannot afford to waste your disk space for the files which are useless. Some cameras capture separate shots for HDR mode and Normal mode while some capture different shots for images with flash and without flash which in return results in accumulation of duplicate photos. If you will try to clear these photos manually then it will take you hours or days in some cases. So, it is a good idea to use a third party cross platform Duplicate image finder tool which can help you to get rid of duplicate images in just few minutes.

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4. Get all your photos in one place:

No matter how many devices you have to click and to sync photos you should have all your clicks on one place either it is on cloud or on your hard drive. You can further create folders to sort your stills. You can also rename specific photos with their content this will make it easier for you to find photos when you need to decide quickly what you want to delete and what you want to keep.

5. Rename and view multiple photos at the same time:

Windows allows you to rename multiple files with the same prefix or suffix. You can use it to rename files with a particular place or particular event. This will make it easy for you to identify or to search files instantly. To do this select all the photos you want to rename and click on rename. Your photos will be renamed. On windows, you can also preview your photos with small and large icons. Now you can also view your photos in extra-large icons. This helps you to quickly find photos.

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This is how you can manage your collection photos on your computer. These simple tips can reduce lots of human effort. Also, you will get more time for your passion which is shooting awesomeness all around.

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