Hi Guys, today I will introduce workflow of Git. At the end of the post, there is a surprise. Basically, that surprise is for students. But I think that’s a partiality so there will be one more surprise for pros too.

Workflow of Git

Now, you might ask why do we really need to understand Workflow(the way, how things work and give you desired output) before practising command?

The answer is very simple, because when we begin our study as a pre-nursery kid, Instead of teaching how to make words or sentences they first taught us alphabet. So when we want to master our skills it’s quite necessary that you should learn how the things that you are using are working and can be used more effectively so that there is no redundancy of unnecessary action you perform while working with it.

Git the tool, that is used to push the data to GitHub server maintain three area in the directory that is initialised as a git directory. To make the workflow more clear and easy to understand, I will use a corollary of your study session in college or school. I compare:

  • Directory that is initialised as git repository, with the Session of your school
  • File, with student
Stage in School Session Stage in Git directory
Preparation to Enter Any desired college Working Directory
Beginning of University session Staging Area
Major Exam .git Repository
Student State in session File state in Git Directory
Polishing Your Skill before getting admission Editing and Modified but untracked
Got Admission Staged
Passed Major Quiz Commited
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