6 Changing trends in the Staffing and placement industry in 2023

Let’s know about changing trends in the staffing and placement industry we have seen

The staffing and placement industry as we know is all about hiring people, jobs, and businesses. There were days when people had to go with their long resumes, finding jobs in paper or ads around the street. But now a lot has changed like, you now can access jobs sitting at your home on your phone. There is much more to the older times.

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We have been working in the industry for a long. We thought of sharing with you all what we observed. Let’s see the trends.

1. Digital resumes

Laptop Showing Digital Resume Icon
Source Google

Resumes are not new but date back to old times when the hiring process started. The resumes were like a long page mentioning personal details, education, detailed work experiences, and hobbies. People had a lot of free time(before the digital world), so everything was done spending an ample amount of time. Now, that everyone is busy, people started to shorten resumes to one page, with minimal design with more info, but the same on paper.

but now that has also been taken over by digital resumes in the form of portfolio sites, and LinkedIn profiles. This digital resume added the benefit of proof of knowledge plus linking actual demos of what a person worked overtime.

Examples are, a website I built, and architecture designs I made, and everything is linked digitally, adding more confidence to the candidate for getting hired.

2. Video Resumes

Showing Video Resume Icon
Showing Video Resume (Source Google)

We kept this out of digital as it is just about a small but more impactful resume from the last. Video resumes are generally short videos 30–60 where a person tells about him/her and his work detail.

The video resumes the added benefit of prescreening candidates, as the video tells about his speaking, his nature, and his way of representing himself in a short time. The video works both ways

  • let the candidate stand out from a list of competitive candidates
  • let the hiring manager filter out easily and prescreen

Other than this, we may run other checks like criminal checks, where jobs need to be of more security. Personality tests like MBTI tell us about a person’s personality like whether he is a team player or something else.

We can say this benefit as we tested this for a long in our hiring process, and we added it to our product the staff box. It is one of the lists of things we do for recruitment services.

3. Online Interviews

Lady having online interview icon
Online interviews (Source Google)

Before was a time when people used to book an interview, where candidates came one by one and gave interviews physically. Sometimes there needs to be rescheduled and consumes a lot more time for hiring.

But now times have changed and people started to take interviews over calls on web apps like skype and Zoom. Also, because of COVID-19 increasing a candidate who does not need to go over physically, are given online interviews.

Not just this travelling benefit, but other benefits like code sharing, online tests, project sharing and more can be done over calls, which sometimes were not possible to show offline.

Online interviews saved time by adding more tools to help hire, and we do the same for the staffbox.

4. Resume filters or Sorters

Icon showing a lady filtering resumes online
Process Showing Resume Filtering (Source Google Images)

We talked about video and digital resumes, but still, some people prefer old school and use the same resumes. In some industries, there are a lot of job applications for each job position. There is a case like 5 vacancies with 1000 applicants or more, and technically not possible to check every resume. To solve this issue, there comes a new tool that was created to filter out nice resumes, let’s say 10 out of 1000. This helps save a lot of time for the hiring manager and company. However, the accuracy is still an issue.

Resume filters work as such to filter out ones with the keywords related to the job and sometimes give a good filter, sometimes a bad filter. This is still a new thing and development is under process to achieve more accuracy. Try online Resume Maker services like NovoResume to have a better resume that stands out.

5. Resume Parser

flowchart showing hw resume is processed
Process of resume parsing (Source Google)

Before people used to fill out long forms, and additional people were sometimes required to do data entry. Also, some users are too lazy to fill everything, abandoning sites. Also, see the parser as letting the user upload a resume and populate data instead of filling it in manually.

So, these resume parsers came into use. Resume parsers help fetch data from resumes and fill up connected forms. Also helps to export data and fill Excel sheets.

These are also new and in development to fix accuracy as the users prefer their styling of resumes, which makes detection different and may have false detection. But still, this has helped a lot in the staffing industry. We provide this option to our users to fill in data like education, and work experience at staffbox.

6. Remote Jobs

different people showing how they work from home
Showing people working remotely (Source Google)

Remote jobs are in simple terms work from anywhere jobs letting you do the jobs without going to the office, not temporary but permanent. Please do not compare it with work from home, as some may think it is the same.

Because of COVID, some companies started to let people work from home using the Charter Spectrum internet and laptop doing meetings

But remote jobs are mostly those, where there is no office and everything is online, from work to meetings to salaries. In the software industry, remote jobs were first, but now more industries like support jobs, insurance, banking, etc are going remote.

Remote jobs have helped both ways

  • Companies can hire from anywhere without worrying about an office, saving expenditure on infrastructure, electricity and water bills.
  • People can get a job from any corner of the world being a remote, saving transportation and relocation costs


These are the trends we found changes in the staffing industry. Let us know if you have any news to add or anything else. Feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day. Do let us know your views in the comments below. Feel free to share as sharing is caring.

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