Just like digital trends evolve every year; the marketing trends evolve and transform every year. It is highly important for digital marketers to stay updated and aware of the changes occurring in the landscapes of digital marketing. Adapting the emerging technology and integrating the newer and latest trends in the marketing strategy are the core requirements and demands of the modern-day business and marketing worlds. It not only modernizes your business organizations and company; rather, it also gives a competitive edge to your business.

One of the most widely-used ways of achieving ultimate business success and to expand your business is to let your business evolve with rapidly evolving technological advancements. Adapting trends and recent developments provides you with increased lead generation and improved conversion rates. For that very reason, businesses and companies hire the best logo design company and digital marketers to get this job done. [su_note note_color=”#f5f5d4″ radius=”6″]| Also Read | The Latest Web Application Development Trends to Chase [/su_note]

From the introduction of the latest marketing tools and improved approaches to the integration of the latest technology. Digital marketing trends for 2019 are all about automation of most of the business, marketing activities along with its methods. To provide you with an insightful review of digital marketing trends for 2019, we have composed a well-assorted list of all the trends and developments that will rule the digital marketing realms in 2019:

Digital Marketing Trends are as follows >

1. Voice search

Voice SearchTekraze

Undoubtedly, voice search is one of the most popular and widely-used search approaches. Basically, there are two fundamental types of voice search. One that is an integral part of your smartphone and devices such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant and other that will soon be a part of every household which is the Google home assistant and Alexa. Most of the huge business organizations and companies are now adopting this technology to improve their SEO and online visibility and presence.

Now with voice search in perspective, the chief as to why many businesses and top brands are going for this technology is that a voice-searched optimized site and brands are bound to get more traffic than those which are not voice-optimized. Since in coming years every search will be voice-based and optimized.

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2. Smart chat


Chabot’s are not a new concept, and ever since their emergence, the customer service and support have never been better and more efficient. Chabot’s plays a pivotal part in enhancing the customer experience. Where these highly-technologized bots provide the customers with quick and accurate answers and solutions, these Chabot’s are crucial for improving the quality, efficiency and overall performance of your official business site.

The chief reason as to why these highly advanced bots are so popular; is that they provide the users and visitor with real-time assistance; Dedicated support and highly engaging and interactive environment. With such extensive benefits and application, business and brands are now using advanced technology to improve their business efficiency and overall site performance.

3. Micro-moment


As the online world is going mobile, it is important for the businesses and brands to make their websites mobile-friendly. As more and more internet users are using mobile phones to access sites and search for products, marketers are now leveraging this technology to capture the attention of the targeted audience and to accomplish their business goals.

Whenever a potential customer looks for a product or looks for a store, or he wants to finalize the deal or to make a purchase decision, by taking advantage of micro-moments, the marketers can easily come up with highly-targeted content and advertising approaches. In order to maximize the benefit of micro-moment, having a clear idea about the basics of micro-moments and its practices is of key importance. Where these micro-moments are useful in targeted content creation, this technology also plays a vital role in increasing the brand’s visibility and customer reach.

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4. Augmented and virtual reality


Augmented reality advertisements are one of the widely-used marketing approach used by numerous digital marketers. Enlivening a static environment and the reality of it is what augmented reality is all about. This technology is all about proving the users with advanced yet realistic experience. VR and AR are all about integrating reality into the buyer’s experience and the entire purchase experience.

AR and VR marketing is what today’s brands;are using to create brand awareness and build a brand’s reputation in this fiercely competitive and digitalized marketing world. However, this trend is not a new one; the technology was introduced a couple of years back; ever since that introduction, the applications of this technology are evolving the aspects of numerous industries.

5. Live videos and streaming


All hail to the leader of social media platforms—Facebook for introducing this concept. After that, almost every social media platform offers you with advanced features to make live videos. The chief reason for such extensive use and preference of live videos is its effectiveness and reach. Where live streaming is free, it also takes a short period of time to make these highly-engaging videos.

Where live stream and video content attracts the larger audience. It is also one of the fastest ways to generate relevant leads for driving organic traffic. The best part about live streams and videos is that you are not restricted to one platform. This feature is available on every social networking and media platform. Be it Facebook, Instagram or YouTube; you can channel the visitors of these sites and convert your business profile visitors into loyal customers and consumers.

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6. AI and machine learning

Ai And Machine Learning Tekraze

Where AI is changing every life aspect, it has some deep-rooted impacts on the business and marketing world. Ai provides digital marketers with advanced technology to analyze and forecast business trends, patterns, and customer behavior. This information not only provides the marketers with better insights on customer purchase decision, preferences, demands, and needs; rather, it also determines and defines the factors that might be used in increasing customer engagement rate.


Where Chabot’s and live videos are improving the methods of customer engagement; technologies like AR, VR and AI are changing the entire dynamics of both the business and marketing industries. Where marketers are all about improving the marketing strategies and approaches, these advanced technologies and trends are what you need to make your business an internationally recognized brand.

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